When to Start Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide

You are pregnant! Congratulations! As you start to think about what the next nine months will entail, one of the first things on your mind is probably when to start buying baby stuff. You may have started thinking about this the minute you got that positive pregnancy test or found out your due date. It can be tricky to figure out when to buy everything. There is so much baby stuff out there! In this blog post, we will give you a comprehensive guide on when to start buying baby stuff during pregnancy. Keep reading to learn more!

There are so many different product types out there! It can be hard to figure out the things you need. The expenses can also add up, so sometimes it can be helpful to buy things over time so you can help spread out the costs. You may have heard that buying things before the baby is born is bad luck or that you may jinx it somehow. If you are worried about it, buy just a few essentials. Hold off on everything else until your baby is safely here.

Many people wait until the 12-week mark because this is when the risk of miscarriage is supposed to go down. Others buy as soon as they find out they are pregnant. The best time to buy items for your baby is when you feel ready to buy them. Start with the important things you know will be needed and then branch out from there. Remember, you have plenty of time during your pregnancy to go shopping.

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General Guidelines for Buying Baby Stuff During Pregnancy

Here are some general guidelines when it comes to buying baby stuff during pregnancy:

-If this is your first baby, you will likely have to buy more. Maybe this is your second or third baby and you still have some baby items you can reuse. If you are not a new mom, you may have a better understanding of which things you actually used with your last baby and which things you can do without. This is a common question that comes up and you can try asking your family members and friends for their advice. You can start thinking about and planning for the things you will need to buy during your early pregnancy.

-If you are suffering from morning sickness, make sure you buy some Preggie Pops or Seabands to help with the nausea. There are other products available as well to help during those early weeks of pregnancy when you may not feel the best. Hopefully after you make it through the first trimester of pregnancy, your morning sickness will go away. Then you can focus on the more exciting things ahead!

-Start with the big-ticket items first. Cribs, dressers, and changing tables are usually at the top of most parents’ list. You can start looking for these items as soon as you find out you are pregnant. If you would prefer, you can wait a bit until you are further along. Keep in mind that some of these items may take a long time to ship. It is best to order them sooner rather than later to ensure you have enough time to receive them before the baby is born.

-The next big item on your list should be a baby car seat. You will need this when you leave the hospital, so it is important to have it before your baby is born. You should also register your car seat with the manufacturer so that you can be notified of any recalls. Make sure it is an infant car seat that is made specifically for infants or has an infant insert. Convertible car seats are often used when your baby is older. Many come with a specific infant insert to make it safe for infant use.

baby sitting in a baby car seat

-You may decide to buy everything gender neutral. In this case, you can start buying at any time. If you want to buy more gender-specific items, you may want to wait until you find out the sex. You usually can find out the baby’s gender through a blood test starting around 10 weeks. If you skip the blood test, you can find out at the anatomy scan during the second trimester (also known as the 20-week scan). If you are team green, or waiting to find out the gender of the baby, until he/she is born, you can stick with gender neutral items or buy an outfit for each sex.

-Will you be having a baby shower? Most people usually have theirs during the third trimester. If you plan to have one, you may want to hold off on buying some baby gear until after your shower. You can start a baby registry for all the things you need. You can have a great time just going to the store and starting your baby registry! After the shower, you will then see what you still have left to buy. You may also receive gift cards you can use to buy the items you are still missing.

-If you are on a budget, try not to get overwhelmed with all the cute baby things! Many of them are things you do not actually need. It is always a great idea to just stick with the essential items and avoid buying the unnecessary ones to help save money.

-Most of all, try to have fun with it! There is no fast rule for what to buy first or when to start! You can go on a fun shopping spree with a friend and have a good time looking at all the adorable baby items! Or try shopping with your partner and spouse. If this is your first time shopping for baby items, it can be a great bonding experience.

Baby Clothes

You can start buying baby clothes anytime! It may depend on if you want to buy more gender-neutral items or wait until you find out the gender of your baby. Make sure you do not buy too many items all in the same size. Your new baby will grow quickly and may not stay in the newborn size too long, if it all! Be sure to have some 0-3 and 3-6 month options available until you figure out the typical growth of your baby. You will likely get a ton of cute outfits at your baby shower. Clothes seem to be the first thing people want to buy for expectant parents! You can always buy a few cute ones on your own as well. Sometimes it is hard to not go overboard with all the adorable clothes!

row of baby clothes hanging on hangers

Baby Feeding Supplies

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottlefeed, you will need some basic feeding supplies. This can include bottles, bottle nipples, and bottle cleaning supplies. If you are planning on breastfeeding, you may want to stock up on nursing pads, nursing bras, a nursing pillow, and some nipple cream. If you are planning on pumping, then you will want to have a breast pump ready as well. Check with your insurance company to see if you can get a breast pump for free. This is an area that can be overwhelming for new parents if you do not know what to expect or buy. You can ask for recommendations from family members and friends to see which brands worked best for their baby.

If you want to be prepared for when baby is a bit older, you can also buy a high chair. There are both the freestanding kind and the kind you can strap to a kitchen chair. Other items needed for when baby can start eating solid feed are bowls, spoons, and later cups. You do not need to buy all of this right away. It is good to know what you will need when the time comes.

mother holding a baby and feeding the baby a bottle

Baby Bathtime Supplies

You will want to have some bathtime supplies ready when your baby is born, but you will not use them right away. This can include a newborn bathtub, hooded towels, washcloths, and baby soap. You will not need to use shampoo until your baby is a bit older. Some hospitals will provide you with a baby bathtub when you leave, so be sure to check with your hospital to see what they provide to you. The good news is that babies do not really need much to keep clean. Just have a few of the basics on hand and avoid buying a lot of stuff that you will not use.

baby laying on stomach with white towel on head

Baby Diapers and Wipes

You will want to have some diapers and wipes on hand when your baby is born, but you do not need to stock up too much. Newborns go through a lot of diapers, so you will want to have at least a few days’ worth. The hospital will send you home with some. You can always buy more as you need them. Some babies skip the newborn size altogether or do not spend much time wearing it.

If you do plan to stock up ahead of time, you will want to have a variety of sizes and styles to try. Some brands work better than others for your particular baby. Try not to stock up too much on the same kind of disposable diapers or baby wipes before the baby is born. You do not want to be stuck with a bunch of one brand that does not work for your baby.

If you plan to use cloth diapers, you should go ahead and have these on hand for when you bring your baby home. You will need a diaper pail, cloth diapers, and cloth diaper covers. You may also want to have some disposable diapers for when you go out or for when you run out of clean cloth ones. Cloth diapers can be washed in the washing machine, but you will need to have a place to hang them up to dry . You can also use a clothesline or drying rack.

There may be a diaper raffle or other diaper related event at your baby shower. If this is the case, you may receive more then enough diapers and not need to buy any until your baby is older.

fabric bin full of disposable baby diapers

Baby Furniture

As mentioned before, you will want to start with the big-ticket items when it comes to baby furniture. This can include a baby crib, a changing table, and a dresser. If you plan to just do diaper changes on another surface, like a floor or blanket, you can skip the changing table altogether. These are some of the most essential things you will need, as the baby needs a safe space to sleep. You can space these purchases out to help save money and spend time looking for a good deal.

close up of baby crib in nursery with gray elephant blanket

Nursery Decor

You can start working on the nursery decor as soon as you find out the sex of your baby. You can also keep it gender neutral and start working on it at any time. This can be a fun project to work on with your partner or friends. You can do it all at once or slowly add to the baby’s nursery over time. Be sure to make it a space that is calming and relaxing for both you and your baby. Pick a fun nursery theme and buy some decorations or nursery items to match that theme.

Many people may be living in a smaller house or apartment and not have much space. This is okay! Set up a corner of your room or another room specifically for the baby if you do not have a separate room for them. Babies do not need much when they are first born, so do not feel bad if you do not have a separate baby room for them. If you have the nursery set up and ready to go early, you can hopefully spend most the last trimester just doing the smaller things to prepare for your baby’s arrival!

pregnant woman sitting on floor of baby nursery with nursery decor

Other Baby Products

Some of the other products you may need include a stroller. You can buy a version the infant seat clicks into for when they are still little. If you want to be more prepared as baby grows, you can also purchase a lightweight stroller. If you regularly go on walks or runs, you may also want to look into a jogging stroller. This is a great way to get some exercise while also spending time with your baby.

Do not neglect yourself after your baby is born. New moms are exhausted from lack of sleep and adjusting to a new routine. Make sure you have some self-care items to take care of yourself as well. This can include a nice lotion, bath bombs, books, and anything else that helps you relax. It may be a good idea to buy some easy to make meals or quick snacks that you can grab when you are short on time. Try asking other moms you know for their best advice on how to take care of yourself after giving birth.

woman pushing a baby in a baby stroller

These are just some general guidelines when it comes to buying baby stuff during pregnancy. Every family is different and you will ultimately decide what works best for you! Try not to stress too much about it and enjoy this exciting time in your life! Baby shopping will hopefully be fun for you as you get to think about your new bundle of joy that will soon be with you! Whether you buy baby stuff early or wait until after baby is here, there is no “right time” to do it.

What are the essential things you needed for your baby? What are some things you found you did not actually need? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

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