About Me

My name is Sarah and I have been married to my husband for 13 years. We have four beautiful children. One of our daughters, Jasmine, was diagnosed with CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) and mosaic trisomy 15. She was stillborn on March 11, 2018 at 32 weeks. She was my inspiration for starting this blog. I wrote about life after loss and started Project Finding Your Rainbow to help bring awareness to pregnancy and infant loss.

You can read all the articles I have written and listen to my podcast appearances on the media page.

Pregnant with my son


I love to travel! My favorite place to visit is Scotland. Other places I have loved are London, Paris, Portland, and St Lucia. I am a fan of visiting both the tourist places and finding the less frequented restaurants and attractions.

Now that we have kids to tag along, I enjoy finding things we can do together as a family. We bring our weighted Jasmine bear with us on all of our adventures, so she can be included.

Near Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland

More About Me

I have worked with accounting and taxes for the last 11 years as my day job.

The Office is my favorite TV show. I can quote that all day and have watched the series several times.

I have PCOS, so getting pregnant was hard for me. I went through acupuncture and fertility treatment. My fertility treatment involved several medications including Femara, Follistim, Estrogen Patches, Progesterone, and a Trigger Shot. We had failed cycles amongst the one that ended in the successful pregnancy of our rainbow baby daughter.

I am definitely not a Pinterest mom. I do my best, but don’t have those good crafting skills! I am more of the last minute, forgot it needed to be done and am not scrambling to figure it out type of mom!

My husband always makes me smile