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My husband and I met in 2013 after he got back from his tour in Afghanistan (he is a Marine)  a few months later we finally got together and started dating March of 14… In 2017 we welcomed our first son Preston! Complete surprise to us just dating but he is truly a blessing! In November of 19 we finally got engaged and were to be married in November of 2020 but in September of 2020 I went to the ER with severe bloating and stomach pains. I thought my appendix burst. Turns out I had a bowel perforation and was septic. I was rushed to emergency surgery and was diagnosed with Crohn’s diease… Just two months before we got married I had abdominal surgery! That is nothing a bride or a mommy wants to deal with.

Fast forward to November 14 2020 one of the most perfect days my husband, our son and myself finally became the Johnson’s.  I had a lot of work to do to keep my health to try for baby number 2. I did that work and was in remission from my Crohn’s and got pregnant again and announced in June of 2021… We lost our baby on Father’s day my heart was shattered to say the least but what hurt it the most was telling my son he wasn’t going to have a sibling that lived with us here on earth. 

Late December my husband noticed that he had a lump on his testicle and so for the next week we went to figure out what was happening… Turns out the love of my life had testicular cancer and had to have to one removed. So early January 2022 that is what happened but because we acted fast and it was early stage the doctor said that he would be ok… But the possibility of another child with my Crohn’s and his cancer is very limited…

So we tried and tried and both got discouraged and we sat with our son who was actually sick at the time and told him that it would be just us as a family and that it would be ok… Our son said it’s ok mommy I talked to my brother and sister and they would see me soon… Mind you he was on antibiotics and tamiflu for influenza A and strep throat needless to say I did have some further testing that day for my Crohn’s because I had been feeling awful and my stomach hurt so to rule everything out I had an ultrasound…

Needless to say as I was telling the tech about my sons prediction she said with tears in her eyes..  he might be right… Either you are pregnant or you should start very very soon… I was shocked but not excited yet … I waited a week and still hadn’t started and called my doctors office and that told me to come in for blood work so I went in and had a previous appointment with my GI doctor and as I am sitting there the doctor who diagnosed me and saved my life gave me the best news  that I was pregnant…

Happy Birthday to my husband who just a year earlier we started or miscarriage journey on his birthday and so I am currently 30 weeks with a health baby boy… We do not have a concrete name yet but will hopefully after we see him and hold him!  It has been a battle to get him here with gestational diabetes early in the pregnancy, keeping my Crohn’s at bay and a long list of other complications for me lol but he will be worth it! 

Kelli wears the rainbow skirt with a white top.  She stands outside and snow covers the ground.

Kelli's newborn son is wrapped in a blue swaddle.  He lays on top of a rainbow drape.

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