Cristina’s Story

My name is Cristina.

In 2015, I was blissfully happy and expecting twins. Since I was a little girl, I always felt twins were in my future. They ran in my family, and I always wished it waited for me. When I found out it was twins, I had this overwhelming feeling, but I was also petrified. I couldn’t believe I was chosen in my family to carry this legacy. I was beyond thrilled and so naïve, all at the same time.

At 22 weeks and 6 days I went into preterm labor. Due to circumstances beyond my control and in control of the State of Arizona I then had to be airvacced to another hospital.

That night on June 22, 2015, my husband and I lost our little girls, Arianna and Brooklyn. They were so beautiful and after a few shallow breathes they were gone. They changed my life forever and I know that sounds cliche but it’s honest.

My family was blessed with 2 more children, Arialyn and Asher.

I give my 110% mom self to my kids. My husband and my inner circle are what I devote every piece of my being to. I strive to give them everything I couldn’t give my twins. Without my twins I wouldn’t have my strength and without the strength they gave me I wouldn’t have my rainbows.

Cristina wears the rainbow skirt.  She is holding her son.  Her daughter stands in front holding two white stuffed bears.

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