Angelina’s Story

Hello, my name is Angelina and this is my story.

I got pregnant in March of 2018 with my first baby which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage, fast-forward to February 15th, 2019 I was feeling very off and I was always moody and tired. I took a test and I was pregnant. A lot of emotions came over me, I cannot even describe how I felt but I cried. I was scared but I was having my rainbow baby.

I was constantly scared I was going to lose her, fast forward to when I’m 28 weeks pregnant I had to take the glucose test… I find out I have gestational diabetes, my doctor put me on insulin but by the time I was going to get it the induced me at 36 weeks 4 days due to preeclampsia.

My ankles were huge, I kept saying something to my doctor and was told it was normal until my blood pressure was elevated everytime I went in for an appointment.

When I had her I constantly worried if she was still breathing and I still do.

Now she’s three years old and my husband and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years to have a baby and nothing is working, I recently was told I have pcos and I am a type 2 diabetic now also. 

Angelina's daughter lays on the rainbow skirt next to her dolls.

Angelina's daughter lays on the rainbow skirt.  She covers her face with her hands.

Angelina's daughter lays on the rainbow skirt next to her dolls.

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