Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Cocktail Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a truly a holiday that can be celebrated by everyone.  Whether you are spending it with your partner or with your best friends, it can be a fun celebration.  I always love finding fun drink ideas.  Since many of us cannot go out this year to celebrate, I have complied the ultimate list of Valentine’s Day Cocktail Ideas.  You can make all of these from the comfort of your own home.

All of these Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes do contain alcohol.  I have done my best to list them by the main alcohol ingredient.  Many of them combine more than one type, so I categorized it by the main type used.  There are around 70 different drink ideas for your Valentine’s Day celebration.  Surely, you will be able to find something you enjoy!

Would you rather have non-alcoholic drinks?  Check out our Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Drink Ideas.  All of the ones on that list are non-alcoholic.

If you are looking for other ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day Round-Up that features everything from food recipes to craft ideas.

Now let’s get to the good stuff!


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Table of Contents

Bailey’s or Kahúla

Bailey’s Chocolate Martini

To me, nothing beats the combination of Bailey’s and Chocolate!  This Bailey’s Chocolate Martini was created by Chisel And Fork.  Perfect for that after dinner drink!

Bailey’s Chocolate Martini from Chisel And Fork
Cafe Con Leche Martini

The Cafe Con Leche Martini, by Sense and Edibility, is the perfect dessert drink.  While the one pictured is made with vodka, there are alternative alcohol type suggestions you could use that are listed on her site.

Cafe Con Leche Martini
Cafe Con Leche Martini by Sense and Edibility


Red Velvet Bailey’s Kahlua Shot

The Red Velvet Bailey’s Kahlua Shot, from Our Crafty Mom, is easy to make.  It is a great treat for after that special Valentine’s Day dinner.


Red Velvet Bailey's Kahlua Shot
Red Velvet Bailey’s Kahlua Shot from Our Crafty Mom




Strawberry Basil Bourbon Smash

The Strawberry Basil Bourbon Smash is the perfect low carb choice for your Valentine’s Day celebration!  This version was created by Peace Love and Low Carb.


Strawberry Basil Bourbon Smash from Peace Love and Low Carb

Sweet Wine and Bourbon Punch

The Sweet Wine and Bourbon Punch, from Whisky + Sunshine, is perfect as a stand alone drink or as a punch.  It combines the flavors of bourbon and wine.


Sweet Wine and Bourbon Punch
Sweet Wine and Bourbon Punch from Whisky + Sunshine



Grapefruit Mimosa

The Grapefruit Mimosa, from Monica Nedeff, is a light an refreshing drink.  This version uses grapefruit juice instead of orange juice.


Grapefruit Mimosa from Monica Nedeff
Kir Royale

The Kir Royale, from Lovely Indeed, is a chic choice to help make your Valentine’s Day more special.


Kir Royale from Lovely Indeed
Pomegranate Mimosa Champagne Cocktail

This Pomegranate Mimosa is made by Coastal Wandering.  She provides other options on her blog for changing up or adding to the flavor.


Pomegranate Mimosa from Coastal Wandering
Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa

Are you looking for the perfect drink to have with your Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day brunch?  This Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa, from Crayons and Cravings, is a great choice!


Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa from Crayons and Cravings

Rossini Cocktail

The Rossini Cocktail, from Sweet Tea + Thyme, is another good choice for a brunch drink!


Close up of rossini cocktail with foam and a fresh strawberry in the champagne flute
Rossini Cocktail from Sweet Tea + Thyme


Strawberry Mimosa

Sips Sights and Self Love has several different drink recipes, including a Strawberry Mimosa.  This drink combines strawberries and orange juice.  Pictured from the same post is the Shirley Temple, which is non-alcoholic.

Sips Sights and Self Love
Strawberry Champagne Mojito

The Strawberry Champagne Mojito, from Cookie Named Desire, can also easily be made into a punch.  This drink combines strawberries and mint.

Strawberry Champagne Mojito from Cookie Named Desire


Blueberry Gin Cocktail

Are you looking for a drink that does not have a ton of added sugar?  Look no further than the Blueberry Gin Cocktail from My Vegan Minimalist.


Blueberry Gin Cocktail from My Vegan Minimalist
Chocolate Negroni

The Chocolate Negroni adds a sweet twist to the classic drink by adding in a chocolate flavor.  This version is from Zestful Kitchen.


Chocolate Negroni from Zestful Kitchen
Clover Club Cocktail

The Clover Club Cocktail is created by Sugar and Soul.  It uses raspberry syrup, along with other flavors.

Valentine's Day Drink
Clover Club Cocktail by Sugar and Soul


Ginger Rickey

The Ginger Rickey, from Sense and Edibility, is made with cranberry juice, among other ingredients.  Several juice alternatives are given as well, if you are not a cranberry fan.


Ginger Rickey from Sense and Edibility

Pink Lady

The Pink Lady, from Amanda’s Cookin’, is a great choice for your Galentine’s Day Celebration!


Pink Lady by Amanda’s Cookin’


Pomegranate and Blood Orange Martini

This Pomegranate and Blood Orange Martini was created by Homebody Eats.  Level up your drink with these fun ingredients!


Pomegranate and Blood Orange Gin Martini
Pomegranate and Blood Orange Gin Martini from Homebody Eats


Strawberry Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail

The Strawberry Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail, from Emily Fabulous, can also be made with vodka.



strawberry gin cocktail in a coupe glass with a strawberry garnish
Strawberry Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail from Emily Fabulous


Blood Orange and Ginger Boston Sour

This delicious Blood Orange and Ginger Boston Sour adds blood orange juice to create a unique flavor.  This version is from Zestful Kitchen.


Blood Orange and Ginger Boston Sour from Zestful Kitchen
Classic Campari

The Classic Campari, from Inside The Rustic Kitchen, combines campari and prosecco with a few other ingredients.


Classic Campari from Inside the Rustic Kitchen
Cointreau Rose Cocktail

The Cointreau Rose Cocktail, from The Rustic Kitchen, combines Cointreau, mint, orange, and strawberries.


Cointreau Rose Cocktail from Inside The Rustic Kitchen
Cranberry Apple Sangria

Sangria is a fun choice for any holiday celebration.  Try this Cranberry Apple Sangria version from The Rising Spoon.


Cranberry Apple Sangria from The Rising Spoon
Double Chocolate Martini

What is better than a Chocolate Martini?  A Double Chocolate Martini!  This version is made by Berly’s Kitchen.


The double chocolate martini in a martini glass with a chocolate drizzle.
Double Chocolate Martini from Berly’s Kitchen
Easy Rose Spritzer

This quick and simple Rosé Spritzer, made by Recipes From A Pantry, is a gorgeous and delicious addition to any celebration. Made with fresh raspberries, jam, and a hint of mint, this bubbly refreshing cocktail is ready to serve in 5 minutes.


Easy Rose Spritzer from Recipes From A Pantry


Jelly Donut Shot

The Jelly Donut Shot, from Cookie Named Desire, contains only 2 ingredients.  It is super easy to make!


Jelly Donut Shot from Cookie Named Desire


Laters, Baby Cocktail

The Laters, Baby Cocktail, by Whisky N Sunshine, is from Whisky N Sunshine.  It is inspired by Fifty Shades Darker.


Laters, Baby Cocktail from Whisky N Sunshine


Pink Squirrel

This version of the Pink Squirrel is from An Affair From The Heart.  It combines the alcohol with vanilla ice cream.


Pink Squirrel from An Affair From The Heart
Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch

This delicious drink combines raspberries and peaches into a leveled up punch.  The Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch is from Honey & Lime.


Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch from Honey & Lime
Raspberry Moscato

The Raspberry Moscato, also from Our Crafty Mom, is made using only 3 ingredients.

Raspberry Moscato


Red Velvet Martini

This Red Velvet Martini was created by The Art of Food and Wine.  I think the red velvet cake piece garnish really makes this drink pop!


Red Velvet Martinis
Red Velvet Martini from The Art of Food and Wine
Rose Cocktails

Kiddy Charts brings us the recipes for three different rose cocktails.  The flavors include lychee, berry, and lemon.


Rose Cocktails from Kiddy Charts
Sparkling Peach Wine Float

This Sparkling Peach Wine Float combines sparkling wine and sorbet!  A sweet combination.  This was created by Seasonal Memories.


Sparkling Peach Wine Float from Seasonal Memories


Strawberry Bellini

The Strawberry Bellini is another classic drink choice.  This version is made from Julie’s Eats and Treats.  I love the fresh strawberry garnish!


Strawberry Bellini from Julie’s Eats and Treats
Strawberry Frosé

This is like drinking an adult version of a strawberry slushie.  The Strawberry Frosé is made by Maple and Mango.


Strawberry Frosé by Maple and Mango
Strawberry Lemonade Frosé

This drink is similar to the Strawberry Frosé above, but adds lemonade for a fun Strawberry Lemonade flavor.  The Strawberry Lemonade Frosé is made by From Valerie’s Kitchen.


Strawberry Lemonade Frosé by From Valerie’s Kitchen




Love Martini Cocktail

This Love Martini Cocktail, from Sweet Tea + Thyme, is a replication of the Melting Pot version.


Love Martini from Sweet Tea + Thyme

Love Martini

The Love Martini, from Dishes Delish, is a great combination of coconut, peach, and cranberry.


Love Martini from Dishes Delish
Mary Pickford

The Mary Pickford, from Become Betty, is created using rum, cherries, and pineapple.


Mary Pickford from Become Betty
Sex On The Beach

This version of Sex On The Beach is made from Veggie Society.  It can be made with either vodka or rum.


Sex On The Beach from Veggie Society
Strawberry Daiquiri

Who doesn’t love a good Strawberry Daiquiri?  A classic choice that is also perfect for Valentine’s Day!  This version is from Miss In The Kitchen.


Strawberry Daquiri from Miss In the Kitchen

Strawberry Mojito

Mojitos are one of my go to drinks.  I love that you can mix so many different flavors and love the freshness of the mint.  This Strawberry Mojito version was made by The Forked Spoon.


Strawberry Mojito by The Forked Spoon


Conversation Heart Margarita

This fun drink was created by Kimspired DIY.  The Conversation Heart Margarita includes tequila and strawberry schnapps.  It is topped with the conversation heart candy.


Conversation Heart Margarita from Kimspired DIY
Love Heart Margarita

The Love Heart Margarita was created by Kimspired DIY.  This drink combines tequila, red wine, and other ingredients.

Love Heart Margarita from Kimspired DIY
Sparkling Cranberry Champagne and Tequila Cocktail

This drink is a great choice for any winter holiday, including Valentine’s Day.  This Sparkling Cranberry Cocktail was made by Homebody Eats.


Champagne and Tequila Cocktail from Homebody Eats

Spicy Lover Margarita

The Spicy Lover Margarita was created by Lovely Indeed.  This margarita includes the taste of blueberries and pomegranate, along with a secret ingredient!


Spicy Lover Margarita from Lovely Indeed




Chocolate Martini

The Chocolate Martini, from Savoring the Good, is a great after dinner choice.  It is garnished with a Hershey’s kiss, which adds to it’s charm!


Chocolate Martini from Savoring the Good


Mississippi Mudtini

If you are a chocolate lover, this drink is definitely for you!  The Mississippi Mudtini, from Snappy Gourmet, combines the flavors of marshmallow and chocolate.


Mississippi Mudtini from Snappy Gourmet
Pickled Beet Dirty Martini

This Pickled Beet Dirty Martini from Just Beet It has to be one of the most unique drinks I have seen.  Does it count as eating a serving of veggies?


Pickled Beet Dirty Martini from Just Beet It
Pomegranate Martini

This colorful Pomegranate Martini is the perfect make-ahead recipe bursting with the sweet flavor of pomegranate, tart lime, hints of orange and vodka.  This version is made by Recipes From A Pantry.

Pomegranate Martini from Recipes From A Pantry
Southern French Martini

This Southern French Martini was created by Redneck Rhapsody.  Some of the main flavors are raspberry and pineapple.


Southern French Martini from Redneck Rhapsody
Strawberry Martini

The Strawberry Martini is always a classic choice for your Valentine’s Day Drink!  This option is made by Food Wine Sunshine.


Strawberry Martini from Food Wine Sunshine


Strawberry Shortcake Martini

The Strawberry Shortcake Martini, from Will Cook for Smiles, combines cake flavored vodka and strawberry and kiwi flavors.


Strawberry Shortcake Martini from Will Cook For Smiles


Moscow Mule

Blood Orange Moscow Mule

The Blood Orange Moscow Mule kicks up the flavor by adding fresh blood orange juice.  This version is made by Flavor the Moments.


Blood Orange Moscow Mule by Flavor the Moments


Blackberry Moscow Mule

This Blackberry Moscow Mule, by Eating Richly, uses blackberries.  The recipe is available for single serve or for a large quantity.


Blackberry Moscow Mule from Eating Richly
Valentine’s Moscow Mule

The Valentine’s Moscow Mule, also from A Worthey Read, is amped up by adding in a few fun ingredients.


Valentine’s Moscow Mule from A Worthey Read



Other Vodka Drinks

Berry Kissable Cocktail

This delicious Berry Kissable Cocktail, from The Foodie Affair, uses cake or vanilla flavored vodka as one of the ingredients.  I love anything cake flavored!


Berry Kissable Cocktail from The Foodie Affair
Blood Orange Crush

Carefree Mermaid made this version of a Vodka Crush.  The Blood Orange Crush mixes the flavors of blood orange juice and vodka.


Blood Orange Crush from Carefree Mermaid



Cherry Cheesecake Sipper

This unique drink combines the taste of butterscotch and pineapple, among other flavors.  The Cherry Cheesecake Sipper was created by The Anthony Kitchen.


Cherry Cheesecake Sipper from The Anthony Kitchen


Christian Gray Cocktail

Here is another Fifty Shades Darker inspired drink from Whisky + Sunshine.  The Christian Gray Cocktail combines vodka and chocolate.


Christian Grey Cocktail from Whisky + Sunshine
Cranberry Grapefruit Kiss

This is the perfect choice for the cranberry juice lover.  The Cranberry Grapefruit Kiss, made by Sula and Spice, combines the taste of grapefruit and cranberry.


Cranberry Grapefruit Kiss from Sula and Spice
Love Potion Drink

The Love Potion Drink, from The Gay Globetrotter, can also easily be made into a punch.

Love Potion Drink from The Gay Globetrotter


Maritime Mist

This Maritime Mist, from Older Mommy Still Yummy, combines the taste of cranberry and clementine.


Maritime Mist
Maritime Mist from Older Mommy Still Yummy
Peach and Blueberry Vodka Cocktail

The Peach and Blueberry Vodka Cocktail combines the flavors of vodka, peach, and blueberry.  This version is made by Sustain My Cooking Habit.


Peach and Blueberry Vodka Cocktail from Sustain My Cooking Habit


Pink Flamingo Vodka Slush

The Pink Flamingo Vodka Slush, from Bitz & Giggles is easy to make and makes a larger quantity.  It can also be made without the vodka for an alcohol free version.


Pink Flamingo Vodka Slush From Bitz & Giggles
Pink Grapefruit Cocktail with Rosemary

I always find it so fun to add fresh herbs into my drinks.  Not only does it add a great flavor, but it also makes it look pretty!  This Pink Grapefruit Cocktail with Rosemary from Wow, It’s Veggie?! is both tasty and beautiful!

close up of grapefruit cocktail
Pink Grapefruit Cocktail With Rosemary from Wow, It’s Veggie?!



Pink Starburst Jello Shots

The Pink Starburst Jello Shots, from Wow, It’s Veggie?!, is made using whipped vodka as one of the ingredients.  There are also vegan and non-alcoholic options as well.

Pink Starburst Jello Shots from Wow, It’s Veggie?!
Pink Vodka Lemonade

The Pink Vodka Lemonade, from Wow, It’s Veggie?!, uses only 5 ingredients.  Another great brunch choice!


two cups of pink vodka lemonade with flowers for garnish
Pink Vodka Lemonade from Wow, It’s Veggie?!
Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade Punch

The delicious Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade Punch was created by Whisky N Sunshine.  This uses strawberry lemonade mix and cucumber along with vodka.


Strawberry Cucumber Lemonade Punch From Whisky N Sunshine
Turkish Delight Cocktail

This Turkish Delight Cocktail was created by Attachment Mummy.  The flavors include pomegranate, rose, and lime.


Turkish Delight Cocktail from Attachment Mummy
Valentine’s Candy Punch

The Valentine’s Candy Punch, from A Worthey Read, is topped with candy.  Such a festive choice!


Valentine’s Day Candy Punch from A Worthey Read


Vodka Spritzers

Flavor the Moments gives her drink recipe for Vodka Spritzers.  The recipe shows you how to make three different flavors, including grapefruit, blood orange, and pomegranate.


Vodka Spritzers by Flavor The Moments




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