Valentine's Day 2021

Valentine’s Day 2021 Round-Up

When you think of Valentine’s Day, you probably think of flowers and a nice night out.  Or if you are single, maybe spending a night hanging out with your friends.  You could also have a fun day with Valentine’s Day activities with the kids.

Valentine’s Day 2021 will likely look different due to the pandemic.  Many of us are still under stay at home orders and many restaurants are not at full capacity.  Even if they are, I know many are not yet comfortable venturing out and going back to normal.

I have created a great list of many different activities, crafts, recipes you can make or do at home this year.  Not only will you be keeping yourself safe at home, but you may even save money over buying those expensive restaurants dinners.  There are even some gift ideas listed as well.

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day Ideas, check out our post on Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Cocktail Ideas and Ultimate List of Valentine’s Day Drink Ideas.




Why Is Valentine’s Day Important?

This is a holiday that many feel is over commercialized or only for those who are in a relationship.  For me, Valentine’s Day is all about showing love.  Love for those in your life that are most important to you.  It is not strictly about romantic couples and date nights only.  It is a chance to show the special people in your life (your partner, children, friends, and family) that you love them.

The holiday has evolved into one that can be celebrated by everyone.  Even as kids, my mom would always buy us a little something and we would celebrate.  We would typically wake up in the morning and find our gift.  It definitely always made our day!

Valentine’s Day is also not just about giving gifts.  You can choose to show love to others by making a nice dinner or simply spending time with them.  You can use some of the crafts listed below to spend time doing something with your children.  This article from Lisa Designs Life describes How To Feel Loved On Valentine’s Day.  She talks about finding the right love language and spreading the love to others.


Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

Ordering take-out or delivery from your favorite restaurant is always an option, but why not make a special meal yourself?  I always enjoy home cooked meals and think they are just a little more special.  Here are some great recipe ideas for meals you can make for that special someone.  You can even cook them together as a couple to enjoy a fun Valentine’s date night at home.


Restaurant-Style Olive Oil Bread Dip

To start off the evening, why not try this easy and delicious Olive Oil Bread Dip from Spice and Sugar Mama.  It only has 5 ingredients, so is quick to make as well.


Valentine's Day Appetizer Recipe
Olive Oil Bread Dip from Spice and Sugar Mama


Valentine’s Pizza

Making pizza at home is way more fun than ordering a greasy, high-calorie one from a chain restaurant.  This Valentine’s Day Pizza, from Casey the College Celiac, is also gluten-free and has optional instructions for being vegan.


Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes
Valentine’s Day Pizza from Casey the College Celiac


Spaghetti With Clams

The World is An Oyster created this delicious recipe of spaghetti with clams.  This is the perfect choice for a romantic date night at home.


Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes
Spaghetti and Clams from The World Is An Oyster


Beef Fondue for Two

Are you a fondue fan?  Make your own at home with this recipe for beef fondue for two from That Lemonade Life.


Valentine's Day Dinner Recipes
Beef Fondue for Two from That Lemonade Life



Mindful Mocktails has created several different Valentine’s Day Mocktail Options.  These are great for pairing with all your delicious Valentine’s Day Meals.  Not only do they look delicious, but they are beautiful as well.  Check out all the options available on her website.


Valentine's Day Mocktail
Rose Lemonade Mocktail by Mindful Mocktail



Valentine’s Day Desserts

I always love the look of beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day cookies and treats.  There are so many different kinds you can make and so many different ways to decorate them!  I have included a few great options below.


These are Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with a Cream Cheese Frosting from Saving Talents.


Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie Recipe
Sour Cream Sugar Cookies from Saving Talents


Buttercream Parties has several different Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes on her blog.  Here are a couple of examples.  Be sure to check them all out on her website!


Valentine's Day Cookie Recipe
Valentine’s Day Cookie by Buttercream Parties


Valentine's Day Cookie Recipe
Valentine’s Day Cookie by Buttercream Parties


Pear and Almond Chocolate Cake

Who says dessert has to be boring?  Follow up any of these delicious meals with this amazing Pear and Almond Chocolate Cake.  This recipe is also created by The World Is An Oyster.


Valentine's Day Dessert Recipe
Pear and Almond Chocolate Cake from The World Is An Oyster


Reese’s Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

This Reese’s Ice Cream cake is made by Spice and Sugar Mama.  Even better, it requires no baking, so is easy to make!  She also has instructions for making an Oreo and a Funfetti version.


Valentine's Day Dessert Recipe
Reese’s Ice Cream Sandwich Cake from Spice and Sugar Mama


Chocolate Peanut Butter Croissants

The chocolate croissants from Starbucks are always one of my favorite treats!  Spice and Sugar Mama has created a similar concept, but also added an amazing layer of peanut butter.


Valentine's Day Dessert Recipe
Chocolate Peanut Butter Croissant from Spice and Sugar Mama


Fun Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas

Since many of us will not be going out for Valentine’s Day this year, we will be looking for fun things we can do at home.  Date nights will be spent at home instead of going out.  Families will want to do activities at home together.


Stay At Home Date Nights

This guide, from Homestyling by Maya, includes several fun and easy Valentine’s Day At Home Date Night Ideas.


Valentine's Day Stay At Home Date Night Ideas
Valentine’s Date Night Ideas from Homestyling by Maya


Galentine’s Day Celebration

Life with Mar has put together a great list of fun Galentine’s Party Ideas.  Enjoy spending some time with your best friends!  Even if you cannot get together this year, throw yourselves a virtual Galentine’s Day celebration.



Galentine's Day Ideas
Galentine’s Party Ideas from Life With Mar



This post from Komal Means Delicate has the perfect Galentine’s Day Look for your fun night.  Even if you are not going out this year, there is always a reason to dress up and look nice!


Galentine's Day Outfits


Valentine’s Day Decor

Do you love to decorate for the various holidays?  That Lemonade Life has put together a great post specifically on cute Valentine’s Day Decor.


Valentine's Day Decor
Valentine’s Decor by That Lemonade Life



Crafts, Projects, and Activities

Are you looking for some fun Valentine’s Day Projects, Crafts and Activities to do with your kids?  Here are some great ideas that you can do from the safety of your home.


Mitten-Themed Garland

This post from Craftara Designs shows you how to use the Cricut to make adorable Valentine’s Day themed mitten garland.


Valentine's Day Projects
Valentine’s Day Mitten Garland from Craftara Designs


Easy Valentine’s Day Projects

Marcie’s Caring Hands gives you the steps to make three easy Valentine’s Day Projects.  The projects include hearts with dollies, a heart wreath, and a heart collage.


Valentine's Day Projects
Valentine’s Day Projects from Marcie’s Caring Hands



Here are three more adorable Valentine’s day crafts for kids created by Monica Plus 2..  When you are done making them, they can double as Valentine’s decorations!


Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids by Monica Plus 2



Valentine’s Day Practical Life Activities

Maybe you are looking for some fun activities for younger kids that also help them develop important skills.  This post from Chronicles of a Momtessorian has 10 Valentine’s Day Projects that also help children develop their fine motor skills.


Valentine's Day Projects
Valentine’s Day Projects from Chronicles of a Momtessorian



Valentine’s Day Printables

I know I am always looking for great printables for my son to color.  He loves coloring pages specifically tailored to the different holidays.  Here are two different Valentine’s Day Printable options from Montessori Pulse.  The first option is a free option. The second option is a very affordable paid option.


Valentine's Day Printables
Valentine’s Day Printables by Montessori Pulse


Valentine's Day Printables
Valentine’s Day Printables by Montessori Pulse



The Home Business Owner has also created a Valentine’s Day Gift Accessory Set that provides Cards, Tags, Stickers, a wallpaper, and a personalized stationary.


Valentine's Day Accessory Set
Valentine’s Day Gift Accessory Set by The Home Business Owner


Musings of An Average Mom provides many different Valentine’s Day Printable options.  Some of these include greeting cards, treat boxes, and even a few recipes.


Twinbees has a selection of Valentine’s Day Printables, Treat Bag Toppers, and Gift Tags.  These are perfect for adding that special touch to your gift giving.


DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Here is a cute DIY Valentine’s Day Card Craft you can make with your child from Smile On.


Valentine's Day Crafts
Valentine’s Day Card Craft by Smile On

Gift Guides and Ideas


When you think of Valentine’s Day Gifts, you probably think of traditional gifts, like flowers, chocolate, and jewelry.  These are always great choices, but there are plenty of other options available as well!  I have included some fun and unique gift guides and ideas below.

Look at our unique gift guide for Valentine’s Day Subscription Boxes.

If you do choose to go the traditional route and buy flowers, check out this guide from Ask Dr Ho about Valentine’s Day Rose Bouquets and the different rose color meanings.


Check out these two great gift guides from By Laia Feliu.  I think many of us have that man in our lives, whether it is a partner, friend, or family member, who is hard to shop for.  This guide will help and has the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him from By Laia Feliu


The next one is a list of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her from By Laia Feliu


Positivity Pledge has put together a gift guide of thoughtful and meaningful gifts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Here is a beautiful gift idea for that special someone in your life.  These scarves by Ana Treasure Box are all hand painted and made of silk.  Because they are hand painted, each one is a unique design.


Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Hand Painted Silk Scarf by Ana Treasure Box

I love this cute Valentine’s Day mug from PumpkinPieSisters.  Perfect for the tea or coffee lover in your life.  I always say you can never have too many cute mugs!


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Valentine’s Day Mug by PumpkinPieSisters


I love to shop small businesses whenever possible.  I always feel good knowing I am helping them out, while also receiving a great product.  Here are two skincare related small businesses that I have personally used and loved!  These products always make for great Valentine’s Day Gifts in my mind.  Perfect for all the women in your life!

Our Life From Scratch makes wonderful salt scrubs, goat milk soap, and body butters.  Check out all their selections on their Etsy shop.


Valentine's Day Gifts for Her
Salt Scrub by Our Life From Scratch


Northern Lights Skincare was started by a good friend of mine.  She makes whipped body butters and cuticle oils with amazing scents.  She is planning to add more products as she expands.


Valentine's Gifts for Her
Whipped Body Butter by Northern Lights Skincare


I hope this post has been helpful!  Let me know in the comments what your Valentine’s Day Plans are for 2021!  Or please let me know if there is other Valentine’s Day content you would like to see.


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