Nadine’s Story

In 2017 Nadine met Mike, they fell in love and Nadine became a Mama overnight to Mike’s 3 amazing girls. After a year and a half of trying to grow their family, Nadine was diagnosed with PCOS, a condition that affects fertility (among other things). The year 2019 brought with it months of healing her PCOS by moving more and eating healthier. That summer Nadine and Mike had a beautiful Nova Scotia wedding and that fall bought their family home. Nadine didn’t think 2019 could get any better and then, days before Christmas, found out she was pregnant. It was truly a miracle.

Christmas and the New Year 2020 were a beautiful time spent celebrating their great news with friends and family alike. Everyone was eager to welcome the baby in late August. 

Then one March 2020 morning their dreams were shattered when, at 17 weeks, Nadine’s water broke and she was rushed to the hospital where their baby girl – who they named Nickola – was born and passed away in their hands. It turned out Nadine had a condition called Cervical Incompetence which resulted in the loss of baby Nickola. As if a traumatic delivery, Nickola’s death, a risky surgery and two nights in the hospital wasn’t enough, the next day the world shut down due to COVID. Only a handful of family and friends could attend Nickola’s celebration of life. It was a devastating time. 

Amidst their brokenness and grief, just three months later, another miracle happened: Nadine became pregnant again. 

Nickola’s baby sister, Sofina, was born in late February 2021. 

There isn’t a day that goes by that Nadine, Mike and her sisters do not think about Nickola. The year 2023 has been especially wonderful as Sofina learns about her big sister, Nickola, and has started saying her name. 

Nadine wears the rainbow skirt.  It flows out around her.  There are trees in the background.

Photo taken by Red Suitcase Photography.

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