Lindsey G’s Story

What a journey we have been on. So many ups and downs and we are thankful for all of them that have led us to where we are today!

My husband and I were married in November of 2010. We tried for 5 long years to conceive our first baby. Like most newlyweds we were excited about growing our family. We added a pup, then another pup, and then we were finally pregnant with our first child in the fall of 2015! Elated we skipped off to our first doctors appointment eager to see our little peanut.

This is where our rainbow story begins. In 2015 we had our first miscarriage with no understanding or explanation. Our hearts were a bit broken but we still kept our hearts open.

In February of 2016 we found out we were pregnant with our first rainbow baby! We changed doctors and found someone who could truly understand where we were coming from. In October of 2016 we delivered a feisty little girl named Isabella!

This sounds a bit nuts, but only 9 months later we were blessed with a huge surprise! Come to find out we were pregnant again with our son Leo! Isabella and Leo are only 17 months apart and are truly the best blessings anyone could ask for.

Fast forward to the Covid-19 pandemic… lots of pandemic babies right?! We were so lucky to find out we were going to be welcoming a 3rd member to the baby team in February of 2021! A valentines baby even!! Again so very excited i went in for routine appointments on my own since we were in a pandemic. Happy and skipping into our 12 week appointment, very quickly something was not quite right. My doctor couldn’t hear a heartbeat with the baby Doppler, so she tried a few things to see what what happening. Very quickly I ended up in the sonogram room on my own. From there it all seems like a blur. Nurses, my doctor all coming in to see what was happening.

Alone, scared, and empty, our baby’s heart stopped. As I write this I still have a hard time holding back tears.

I had a D&C the following morning, and truly felt like our family was complete. We laid our baby to rest with other babies from our church who went to heaven far too early.

Weeks, and months passed and as life does, moved on some. Our hearts began to heal and life seemed happy.

In January 2021 still in the midst of a pandemic surprised to find out our family was not complete. Our Angel baby was sending us another hand picked beautiful baby. We are currently 32 weeks in with our 2nd rainbow baby. We are due September 15th, 2021.

Our hearts are full of happiness, sadness, gratitude, resentment, and so many other feelings. That’s just it, we are so strong as moms, dads, partners, and continue to grow, and love. For all the mamas out there I hope my story can encourage you somehow.

Love to all!


Photos taken by Abbie Road Photography.

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