Katherine’s Story

Katherine always knew she was put on this earth to be a mom. She made that very clear when she met her husband, Jeff, at age 19. He didn’t run away, and they were married four years later in 2016.

In 2020, after nearly two years of trying to conceive, they finally got pregnant and welcomed their sunshine baby, Reagan Michele. She kept them smiling even in the dark days that would lie ahead. 

Katherine got pregnant again immediately upon trying for their second baby. At 8 weeks pregnant in May of 2021, they lost their baby that they’d named Hannah.

They got pregnant again and found out they were having a baby boy, and named him Henry David. They lost Henry at 12 weeks in October 2021.

Just six weeks later, they had a surprise positive test that ended up as a chemical pregnancy, miscarrying just 3 days later. They nicknamed this baby “little dove” since they never quite “landed”. 

Their story of loss ended with their daughter, Sterling Irene, in March of 2022. Around 8 weeks pregnant, Katherine told her mom that she felt like Sterling might have Down Syndrome, and was completely at peace with that, as long as she made it here safe. (No reason, just a mothers intuition.) They were 11 weeks pregnant with their little girl, and during a routine ultrasound they found that her heart had stopped sometime within the last 24 hours. They opted for a D&C so they could do cytogenetic testing on Sterling’s body, and they found she had Down Syndrome. Katherine feels strongly that Sterling was sent to give them the closure they needed for their fertility journey.

All recurrent miscarriage labs, physical exams, even genetic counseling were performed – there is no known medical reason for their losses. They had no interest in pursuing IVF options, as they felt a different calling…

In May of 2022, they began the homestudy process for domestic adoption, and were approved in early August 2022. Just days later, after being told they needed to prepare for at least a year+ wait for a match, they were selected by a full-term birth family. On August 30, 2022, their quadruple rainbow baby and dream-come-true, Mila Katherine, entered the world. “Mila” comes from the Spanish word “milagros” meanings “miracles” – and that, she is.

A year that began with their greatest heartbreaks ended with their greatest joys. Forever carrying their four precious angels in their hearts, the completed family now walks forward together, into a gleaming new chapter filled with hope.”

Katherine wears a pink top and the rainbow skirt.  There is a line of trees in the background.  She holds the skirt on both sides with her hands.

Katherine wears a pink top and the rainbow skirt.  She holds her rainbow baby in one arm and the skirt up in the air with the other.

Katherine wears a pink top and the rainbow skirt.  The skirt is wrapped around her and two of her daughters.

Two of Katherine's daughters sit on the rainbow skirt on the ground.  Four small white stockings represent the four babies she lost.

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