Angela’s Story

She’s been through so much, her heart heavy with pain
Her spirit almost broken, time and time again
Secondary infertility, a loss that cut so deep
And then the loss of a child, during a pregnancy she couldn’t keep
But through it all, she held on to hope
That one day she’d hold her child, and never let go
And when she finally did, it was a journey fraught with fear
Her son, Miles, born two months early, fighting for his life, so dear
She prayed for his health, for his safety and strength
She held him close, hoping he’d stay with her at length

And though he faced so many struggles, so many trials to come
He was a blessing from God, her little miracle, her shining sun
Miles does nothing but smiles, a gentle beam of light
Through all of the struggles, through all of the fight
He’s a symbol of hope, a reminder of her strength
A testament to her love, a bond that’s unbreakable, no matter the length
She named him Miles, for the journey they’ve been through
A symbol of the love, that’s seen her and her family through
He’s a blessing, a miracle, and a joy beyond compare
Her heart overflowing with love, her soul lifted on a prayer

She’s been through so much, but through it all she’s stayed strong
A woman of resilience, whose spirit will never be gone
She’ll cherish her son, Miles, and the joy that he brings
And with her babies by her side, she’ll face anything

In loving memory of Arianna, Elise, and my other angels. In awareness of miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, chemical pregnancies, late miscarriages, still births, and NICU babies

Angela wears the rainbow skirt.  She stands on a rock with the skirt flowing behind her.  There is a rainbow in the sky.

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