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36 Fun Halloween Drink Ideas

October is just around the corner and we’re starting to get in the spirit. One of the best ways to celebrate this time of year is with a drink! If you’re looking for some fun Halloween-themed drinks, we’ve got 36 fun Halloween drink recipes that are perfect for a date night at home, a night with the kids, or a Halloween party.  From pumpkin spice smoothies to candy corn cocktails, these drink recipes will make any night more festive.  There are plenty of options that are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  Many of the alcoholic drinks can also be made without the alcohol for an alcohol-free version.

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Alcoholic Drinks

Beetlejuice Cocktail

Cocktails with Class has created a Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Cocktail.  It has four different types of alcohol including vodka, melon liqueur, raspberry liqueur, and Blue Curacao.


Alcoholic Halloween drink recipe. Halloween cocktail recipe.
Beetlejuice Cocktail from Cocktails with Class

Black Magic Halloween Sangria

Sangria is always a delicious drink choice.  This version uses vodka, raspberry liqueur, red wine, and fresh fruit.  You can top it off with Sprite or Coke to add some carbonation.  This Halloween Sangria recipe is from The Forked Spoon.


Halloween sangria recipe. Alcoholic Halloween drink recipe.
Black Magic Halloween Sangria from The Forked Spoon

Butterscotch Schnapps Butterfinger Drink

If you are a big butterscotch fan, then this is the drink for you!  It combines Butterfinger, butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips, dark rum, and butterscotch schnapps.  You will get the ultimate butterscotch flavor!  This alcoholic Halloween drink recipe is from Amy Gorin.
Alcoholic Halloween drink.
Butterscotch Schnapps Butterfinger Drink from Amy Gorin

Candy Corn Vodka Halloween Shots

All that is needed to make these Halloween shots are vodka and candy corn.  This one does involve a little prep a few days ahead of time, but is super easy to make and tasty!  This fun recipe is from Sugar and Charm.


Candy corn Halloween shots. Halloween shot recipes.
Candy Corn Vodka Shots from Sugar and Charm

Cranberry Cherry Sleepy Hollow Spritzer

There are many different ways to make this Halloween spritzer.  It can be made alcohol free or even served warm during the colder months.  This recipe contains blackberries, cherry juice, cranberry juice, and rosé.  This spritzer recipe is from Fitty Foodlicious


Cranberry Cherry Sleepy Hollow Spritzers, Cranberry Cherry Spritzers, Halloween Cocktail, Halloween Spritzer
Cranberry Cherry Sleepy Hollow Spritzer by Fitty Foodlicious


Frankenstein Drink

Nothing says Halloween more than Frankenstein or the other spooky monsters and creatures.  Cocktails With Class created a Frankenstein inspired drink.  The ingredients include vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice, and Blue Curacao.


Green Halloween Cocktail. Alcoholic Halloween drink recipe. Frankenstein drink.
Frankenstein Drink from Cocktails With Class

Halloween Cocktail with Edible Fake Blood

This is a Halloween version of a Dark & Stormy Cocktail.  The drink is made using lime, rum, and ginger beer.  The blood rim is made using powdered sugar and red food coloring.  The recipe is from Marley’s Menu.


halloween cocktail with edible fake blood rim. Dark & Stormy cocktail recipe. Halloween cocktail recipe.
Halloween Cocktail with Edible Fake Blood Rim from Marley’s Menu


Halloween Jungle Juice

This drink is easy to make for a fun Halloween party!  Ingredients include pineapple, apple, strawberry, orange, vodka, tequila, and Grand Marnier.  This recipe is from Healthy Recipes 101.


Halloween Jungle Juice. Halloween alcoholic recipe.
Halloween Jungle Juice by Healthy Recipes 101

Halloween Punch with Eyeballs

The Halloween punch from Food Doodles includes edible eyeballs you can easily make at home.  The eyeballs are made from canned lychee and blueberries.  The punch itself uses pineapple juice, blood orange juice, apple juice, lime juice, and rum.  It can also be made without the rum for a non-alcoholic version.


Halloween punch recipe. Alcoholic Halloween drink recipe.
Halloween Punch with Eyeballs from Food Doodles


Halloween Witch Potion Cocktail

This Halloween Cocktail recipe is from By Andr


Halloween: heksen drank cocktail
Halloween Witch Potion Cocktail from By Andréa


Maleficent Halloween Cocktail

This recipe is alcoholic, but can easily be made non-alcoholic as well for a more family friendly Halloween drink.  The Maleficent Halloween Cocktail includes vodka, lime juice, Raspberry Liqueur, Sprite, and silver cake shimmer.  This Halloween cocktail recipe is from The Soccer Mom Blog.


Halloween cocktail recipe.
Maleficent Halloween Cocktail from The Soccer Mom Blog


Polyjuice Potion Shot

The Polyjuice Potion Shot is inspired by Harry Potter.  This was the potion in the series that allowed someone to change into the form of someone else.  This Halloween shot is made from vodka, Midori, and pineapple juice.  This recipe is from Cooking With Janica.


Halloween shot. Halloween drink recipe.
Polyjuice Potion Halloween Shot from Cooking With Janica


Poisoned Apple Cocktail

The Poisoned Apple Cocktail is made using green apple soda, caramel vodka, and apple pie vodka.  Apple slices can be used as a garnish.  This Halloween cocktail recipe is from Cooking With Curls.


Poisoned Apple Halloween Cocktail. Halloween drink recipe.
Poisoned Apple Halloween Cocktail from Cooking With Curls


Poisoned Orchard Cocktail

This festive Halloween cocktail involves making your own apple spice simple syrup.  Other ingredients in this drink include dark rum, apple brandy, and cran-apple juice.  Dry ice can be added to create the fun smoky affect.  This cocktail recipe is from Burrata and Bubbles.


Poisoned Orchard Halloween cocktail. Halloween drink recipe.
Poisoned Orchard Cocktail from Burrata and Bubbles


Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider

Adventures of a Military Fam of 8 has created a twist on the traditional apple cider recipe by adding in pumpkin pie vodka and a bit of pumpkin.


Pumpkin Spiced Apple Cider Recipe. Halloween alcoholic recipe. apple cider recipe.
Pumpkin Pie Spiced Apple Cider from Adventures of a Military Fam of 8


Purple People Eater Halloween Cocktail

This Halloween Cocktail can easily be made as a single serving or for a group of people.  It is made using purple sports drink (like Gatorade or Powerade), vodka, and orange liqueur.  This recipe is from Wow, It’s Veggie?! 


Purple people eater halloween cocktail
Purple People Eater Halloween Cocktail from Wow, It’s Veggie?!


Spiderweb Cocktail

This recipe is a twist on the traditional white Russian cocktail.  Ingredients include coffee liqueur, vodka, cream, and black gel icing.  Use the icing to create a cool spiderweb pattern in the drink.  The Halloween drink recipe was created by Amanda’s Cookin’.


Halloween cocktail. Halloween alcoholic drink.
Spiderweb Cocktail from Amanda’s Cookin’

Spiked Toxic Tonic

A drink that combines sherbet and wine?  I’m in for sure!  The Spiked Toxic Tonic drink uses lime juice, lime sherbet, white wine, and condensed milk.  The recipe is from Ottawa Mommy Club.


Alcoholic Halloween drink recipe. Halloween cocktail recipe.
Spiked Toxic Tonic from Ottawa Mommy Club

Tie Dye Halloween Jello Shots

The Tie Dye Halloween Jello Shots can easily be made alcoholic or non-alcoholic.  The ingredients include Jello, condensed milk, and the addition of rum or your other favorite alcohol.  The alcohol can be left out for a non-alcoholic version.  This recipe is from Kim Schob.


Tie Die Halloween Jello Shots from Kim Schob


Witch’s Brew

The Witch’s brew is a great alcoholic drink recipe.  Make this drink by using red wine, blood orange, lime, water, and optional bourbon.  This recipe was created by Muy Bueno.


Witch's Brew. Halloween alcoholic drink recipe.
Witch’s Brew from Muy Bueno

Zombie Brains Halloween Cocktail

The Zombie Brains Cocktail is made using vodka, Chambord, pomegranate juice, orange juice, raspberries, and ginger ale.  This is the perfect Halloween cocktail for your adult Halloween party or for enjoying after taking the kids trick or treating.  This cocktail is from Burrata and Bubbles.


Zombie Brains Halloween Cocktail
Zombie Brains Halloween Cocktail from Burrata and Bubbles



Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Halloween Blood Bag Drink

This creepy non-alcoholic drink Blood Bag Drink recipe is a perfect addition to your Halloween party.  It is made with cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and lemon lime soda.  Recipe was created by Finding Zest.


Halloween Blood Bag Drink. Non-alcoholic Halloween drink recipe
Blood Bag Drink from Finding Zest


Coco Loco Brain Juice

This non-alcoholic Halloween drink recipe uses only three ingredients.  These ingredients are banana, coconut water, and pineapple.  This recipe is from Masala Herb.


Coco Loco Brain Juice. Halloween non-alcoholic drink.
Coco Loco Brain Juice from Masala Herb


Cruella Themed Halloween Frappuccino

This Halloween Frappuccino recipe will be perfect for both kids and adults!  The ingredients include vanilla ice cream and frozen strawberries.  This non-alcoholic Halloween recipe is from Brooklyn Active Mama.


Non-Alcoholic Halloween drink. Halloween Frappuccino.
Cruella Themed Halloween Frappuccino from Brooklyn Active Mama


Frozen Whipped Zombie Brains

Kids will love drinking this and will have fun designing and drawing their very own zombie face on their glass.  The recipe uses cream, lime Jello, sugar, and vanilla.  This recipe is created by Beeyond Cereal.


Frozen Halloween drink. non-alcoholic Halloween drink recipe.
Frozen Whipped Zombie Brains from Beeyond Cereal


Gummy Worm Jello Shooters

The Gummy Worm Jello Shooters are a fun treat for kids.  Ingredients include gummy worms and Jello.  The worms stay suspended in the Jello for a creepy effect.  This recipe is from Bitz & Giggles.


Gummy Worm Jello Shooters. Halloween drink recipe for kids.
Gummy Worm Jello Shooters from Bitz & Giggles


Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs

These adorable Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs are made using white chocolate, white chocolate cocoa mix, and some mini marshmallows.  Decorate them to look like ghosts or mummies.  This recipe is from Julie Blanner.


Halloween hot chocolate bombs recipe. Halloween hot drink recipe. Non-alcoholic Halloween drink.
Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs from Julie Blanner

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

This unique Halloween inspired drink can be served either cold or hot and takes less than 15 minutes to make.  Ingredients of this drink include pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla.  You can make a batch of this ahead of time and it will keep in the fridge for around 2 weeks.  This drink recipe is from Healthy Recipes 101.


Harry potter Pumpkin Juice Recipe. Halloween non-alcoholic drink recipe
Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice Recipe from Healthy Recipes 101

Hocus Pocus Potion Float

The Hocus Pocus Potion Float is a fun ice cream treat for kids and adults.  The ingredients include grape soda, rainbow or lime sherbet, and gummy worms.  This Halloween float recipe is from In Fine Taste.


Halloween float. Ice cream float recipe.
Hocus Pocus Potion Float from In Fine Taste


Mad Scientist Halloween Drink

This non-alcoholic Halloween drink is made specifically for kids.  It is made using white chocolate hot cocoa, green candy melts, and bone shaped sprinkles to top it off.  This recipe is from Oh My! Creative.


Mad Scientist Halloween Kids Drinks. Halloween hot chocolate recipe. Non-alcoholic Halloween drink.
Mad Scientist Halloween Drink from Oh My! Creative


Magic Potion Punch

The Magic Potion Punch is a perfect family friendly Halloween drink that is easy to make.  This Halloween drink recipe is made using lemonade, grape juice, lemon-lime soda, and Jello.  This recipe is from Bitz & Giggles.


Magic Potion Punch. Halloween non-alcoholic drink recipe.
Magic Potion Punch from Bitz & Giggles


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

The great thing about this recipe is there is no added sugar.  This Halloween smoothie combines the flavors of pumpkin, almond butter, nutmeg, and cloves to create this delicious drink.  The recipe is from Amy Gorin.


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie. Halloween Smoothie Recipe.
Pumpkin Pie Smoothie from Amy Gorin


Swamp Water Punch

The Swamp Water Punch is a great Halloween drink recipe for kids.  It is created by using limeade or lemonade, Kool-Aid mix, pineapple juice, and some condensed milk.  The recipe is from Ann’s Entitled Life.


Swamp Water Punch Recipe. Halloween drink recipes for kids. Non alcoholic Halloween drinks.
Swamp Water Punch from Ann’s Entitled Life

Three Ingredient Halloween Punch

Kids will love this easy to make Halloween punch recipe!  It is so quick and easy to make because it contains only three ingredients.  Ingredients are carrot juice, orange juice, and ginger ale.  Recipe was created by Sugar and Charm.


Halloween punch recipe. Halloween drinks for kids.
Three Ingredient Halloween Punch from Sugar and Charm


Vegan Pecan Pumpkin Shake

No ice cream is needed to make this Vegan Pecan Pumpkin Shake.  It is made using water, pecans, pumpkin puree, chia seeds, and some additional spices.  Try this Halloween shake created by Healthy Slow Cooking.


Vegan Pecan Pumpkin Shake. Halloween shake recipe.
Vegan Pecan Pumpkin Shake from Healthy Slow Cooking


Zombie Halloween Punch

Kids will love this Zombie inspired Halloween punch.  This recipe is made using lime sherbet, lemonade, lemon-lime soda, blue raspberry Kool-aid, and gummy worms.  Recipe was created by Play Party Plan.


Halloween punch. Halloween non alcoholic drink recipe. Halloween drink recipe for kids.
Zombie Halloween Punch from Play Party Plan


The only thing better than having fun on Halloween is sharing that experience with others. We hope you enjoyed these 36 fun Halloween drink ideas for this year’s festivities! Which one(s) are you going to try? Comment below and let us know what your favorite was, or comment if there were any drinks we missed that should be added to the list next time around! Happy haunting friends, may all of your Halloween dreams come true.

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