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80 Fun Halloween Treats and Snacks For All Ages

Halloween is almost here!  It is always a favorite holiday around here, as I have younger kids.  My son has been planning what he wants to be all year and has even picked out a costume for his sister.  If you have kids, you may be thinking of some cute treats to make for them or for their class party.  If you don’t have kids, you may be wanting to make some treats just to have at home or for an adult Halloween party.  Whatever the occasion, I have created a list of 80 Fun Halloween Treats and Halloween snacks that will be sure to delight!

The list includes everything from brownies to cookies to cakes.  There are even some savory recipes if you aren’t a fan of sweet snacks.  Try one or two, or more, from the list below.  Maybe you can try an old classic treat, like a Halloween brookie, or try something new and fun, like some Zombie Bait Chex Mix.  Creepy options, cute options, vegan options, options for everyone!

I would love to hear which ones you are thinking of making in the comments below!  Here is the full list of 80 Fun Halloween Treats!


Table of Contents

Halloween Brownies

Brownie Cemetery

The brownie cemetery uses crushed Oreos for dirt, decorated Milano cookies for tombstones, and then adds on candy corn.  This Halloween treat recipe is from Hispana Global.


Halloween Brownie Cemetary
Brownie Cemetery from Hispana Global



Halloween Brownie Bites

These adorable Halloween Brownie Bites are decorated with frosting, candy pumpkins, and mini tombstones to complete the spooky look.  This recipe is from Food Fun & Faraway Places.


Halloween brownie bites
Halloween Brownie Bites from Food Fun & Faraway Places



Halloween Oreo Brookie Bars

Brookies are always one of my favorite treats since it combines two of my favorite things, cookies and brownies!  From Valerie’s Kitchen has created a Halloween Brookie using the Halloween Oreos, chocolate chip cookie, and brownie.


Halloween Oreo Brookie Bars. Halloween brownies. Halloween cookies.
Halloween Oreo Brookie by From Valerie’s Kitchen

Monster Brownies

These easy to make Halloween monster brownies are topped with a cute monster face.  The kids can help decorate and make these delicious brownies as well!  Recipe was created by Where Is My Spoon.


Halloween brownie with a monster face on top
Halloween Monster Brownie from Where Is My Spoon



Halloween Cake/Cupcakes

Bloody Bone Cupcakes

If you are going for more of a creepy, rather than cute, factor, try these bloody bone cupcakes from Ottawa Mommy Club.  These are a chocolate cupcake with a buttercream frosting.  They are topped with a bloody gummy bone.


Bloody Bone Cupcake. Halloween cupcakes.
Bloody Bone Cupcake from Ottawa Mommy Club


Chocolate Swiss Roll Bat Cakes

The best thing about this is that it only requires 3 ingredients and no baking!  These adorable Halloween bats use Swiss Rolls, chocolate chips, and candy eyes.  This cute creation is from Kim Schob.


Halloween Bat Snack Cakes. Halloween cupcakes.
Halloween Swiss Roll Bat Cakes from Kim Schob


Epic Halloween Cupcakes

These cupcakes use gel food coloring to get the bright colors, along with some Halloween themed sprinkles.  The kids will have fun decorating too!  This Halloween cupcake recipe is from Ruffles and Rain Boots.


Epic Halloween cupcakes with Halloween sprinkles
Epic Halloween Cupcakes from Ruffles and Rain Boots



Frankenstein Cake Pops

These cute Frankenstein Cake Pops can use cake made from scratch or box cake to save time.  This fun Halloween cake pop recipe is from The Soccer Mom Blog.


Halloween Frankenstein Cake Pops
Frankenstein Cake Pops from The Soccer Mom Blog


Ghost Cupcakes

These fun ghost cupcakes are made using only 5 ingredients and are sure to liven up any Halloween party.  This Halloween cupcake recipe was created by Kim Schob.


Halloween Ghost Cupcakes
Halloween Ghost Cupcakes from Kim Schob

Gluten Free Spider Cupcakes

These Spider Halloween cupcakes are a great gluten free option.  The cupcakes are a pumpkin flavor topped with an Oreo cookie for the spider’s body.  This cute Halloween cupcake was created by Texanerin Baking.


Halloween cupcakes. Gluten free Halloween cupcakes.
Halloween Spider Cupcakes from Texanerin Baking

Halloween Cakesicles

Keep Calm And Eat Ice Cream has created a fun Halloween cakesicle recipe that lets you bring out your creative side.  There are many different versions you can make, including a bat, a pumpkin, a monster, and a mummy.


Mummy, bat, monster, jack-o-lantern and spider Halloween cakesicles.
Halloween Cakesicle from Keep Calm And Eat Ice Cream


Halloween Cake Pops

The kids will have fun helping to decorate these festive Halloween Cake Pops.  Use black and orange icing, along with eyes or other spooky or cute decorations.  These cake pops were created by Life Begins With Dessert.


Halloween Cake Pops
Halloween Cake Pops from Life Begins With Dessert


This version of the Halloween cake pops is from The Anthony Kitchen and is made to look like ghosts, mummies, or monsters.


Halloween cake pops. Halloween treats.
Halloween Cake Pops from The Anthony Kitchen



Halloween Push Pops

The Halloween Push Pop recipe is from Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt.  It uses yellow cake with black food dye, along with brightly colored icing to create this Halloween inspired look.


Easy Halloween Push Pops. Halloween Cake.
Halloween Push Pops from Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt




Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

These easy cupcakes use only three ingredients and are great for either planning ahead or for those last minute parties!  This is from Kim Schob.


Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes. Halloween cupcakes
Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes from Kim Schob


Oreo Biscuit Cake

This delicious Halloween cake uses Oreos, yogurt, and other regular baking ingredients.  It is topped off with bats to give it the Halloween spirit.  Recipe is from Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice.


oreo biscuit cake. Halloween Cake
Halloween Oreo Biscuit Cake from Sugar Spice N’ Everything Nice



Pumpkin and Ginger Cupcakes

In The Playroom gives three different variations for these cupcakes.  Each uses fruits or veggies, which makes these a slightly healthier version to eat.


Pumpkin and ginger Halloween cupcakes
Pumpkin and Ginger Cupcakes from In The Playroom


RIP Cupcakes

This spooky Halloween cupcakes are topped with mini tombstones made from ladyfinger cookies.  This recipe comes from The Inspiration Edit.


Tombstone Halloween Cupcakes
RIP Cupcakes from The Inspiration Edit


Vampire Cake Pops

These cute vampire cake pops are from Moms & Munchkins.  They use a fruit roll-up as the vampire’s cape.


Vampire Cake Pops
Vampire Cake Pops by Moms & Munchkins




Vegan Mummy Cupcakes

Not only are these mummy cupcakes adorable, but they are easy to make too!  The mummy wrapping uses vegan buttercream and the eyes are made with chocolate chips.  This recipe was created by Vegan Huggs.


Halloween mummy cupcakes on a white plate with chocolate chips
Vegan Mummy Cupcakes from Vegan Huggs



Witches Cauldron Cake Pops

Cauldron-themed Halloween cake pops are unbelievably easy to make (and decorate!). They are so cute that they’re sure to be the hit of the school Halloween party or any festive gathering!  This recipe is from Made In A Pinch.


Witches cauldron Halloween cake pops
Witches Cauldron Halloween Cake Pops from Made In A Pinch



Halloween Cookies

Bat Sugar Cookies

These cookies are fun for the whole family to make.  Get the kids involved in decorating these adorable bat shaped cookies.  Easy to make and you don’t have to chill the dough.  This recipe is from The Six Figure Dish.


Halloween Bat Sugar Cookies, black icing with red eyes
Bat Sugar Cookies by The Six Figure Dish



Candy Corn Mason Jar Cookies

The fun Halloween mason jar cookies are topped off with an adorable spider.  Perfect to get in the Halloween spirit!  This recipe was created by Moms and Munchkins.


Candy Corn Mason Jar Cookies, Halloween Cookies
Candy Corn Mason Jar Cookies by Moms and Munchkins


Cookie Witch Hats

The cookie witch hats are made using Hershey kisses on top of chocolate cookies.  They are then decorated with frosting.  This cute idea is from Home Cooked Harvest.


Halloween cookie witch hats
Halloween Cookie Witch Hats by Home Cooked Harvest


Easy Halloween Bats

These easy Halloween bats are made using Oreos and peanut butter cups, along with candy eyes.  This recipe is from Ann’s Entitled Life.


Halloween bat cookies. Halloween treats.
Easy Halloween Bats from Ann’s Entitled Life



Easy Halloween Chocolate Chip Sandwich

This recipe combines two chocolate chip cookies and a creamy middle rolled in sprinkles.  This festive Halloween recipe is from TropRockin.


Three Halloween Chocolate Chip Cookies stuffed with frosting and sprinkles on a plate.
Halloween Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookie by TropRockin



Edible Pumpkin Cookie Dough

The Halloween season would not be complete without a pumpkin flavored item mixed in!  This is perfect for the cookie dough lover in your life and takes less than 15 minutes to make.  This recipe was created by The Six Figure Dish.


Halloween edible cookie dough, pumpkin with chocolate chip
Halloween Edible Pumpkin Cookie Dough by The Six Figure Dish


Frankenstein Cookies

These Frankenstein cookies are easy to make and the kids can help decorate.  This recipe is from Oh My! Creative.


Frankenstein Cookies For Halloween - Halloween cookies
Halloween Frankenstein Cookies by Oh My! Creative



Goblin Skillet Cookie

This is a chocolate chip cookie that uses ghoul mix M&Ms mixed in.  Perfect for kids and adults of all ages!  This adorable recipe is from Quiche My Grits.


Goblin cookie topped with vanilla ice cream
Halloween Goblin Skillet Cookie by Quiche My Grits

Halloween Candy Cookies

This Halloween cookie recipe is perfect for using up leftover Halloween candy.  They are customizable because you can use any Halloween candy you want.  This delicious recipe is from Cookie Dough Diaries.


halloween candy cookie
Halloween Candy Cookie by Cookie Dough Diaries



Hocus Pocus Cookies

This adorable Halloween recipe uses melting chocolate and frosting to recreate the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus.  And if you have never seen Hocus Pocus, definitely go watch it!  This recipe is from Get Your Holiday On.


Sanderson sisters hocus pocus cookies
Hocus Pocus Cookies from Get Your Holiday On


Here is another cookie that is inspired by the Hocus Pocus movie.  These cookies contain M&Ms along with a surprise Witches’ brew ooze in the center.  This version is from The Soccer Mom Blog.


Halloween cookies with M&Ms and green ooze in the center
Hocus Pocus Halloween Cookies from The Soccer Mom Blog



Jumbo Pumpkin Sugar Cookie

This is basically a giant pumpkin cookie cake.  The perfect Halloween treat!  This recipe is from When Is Dinner?


Jumbo Pumpkin Sugar Cookie
Jumbo Pumpkin Sugar Cookie by When Is Dinner?



Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Patch Cookies

This cookie recipe provides the perfect combination of Disney and fall.  It was created by Military Fam of 8.


Recipe for the Cutest Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Patch Cookies! Super easy step-by-step pictures for delicious sugar cookies and royal icing recipes. Make Disney theme Halloween and Thanksgiving day cookies everyone will love! #Disney #Disneycookies #DisneyDesserts #Cookies #HalloweenCookies
Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Patch Cookies by Military Fam of 8



Monster Cookies

This Halloween cookie recipe uses chocolate chip cookies and frosting combined with marshmallows and white chocolate chips.  Each person in the family can make their own monster.  This recipe is from Food Wine Sunshine.


Halloween Monster cookies
Halloween Monster Cookie by Food Wine Sunshine

Monster Eye Crinkle Cookies

These cookies are super easy to make and are made using cake mix, edible eyeballs, and a few other easy ingredients.  This recipe was created by XOXO Bella.


Halloween Monster Eye Crinkle Cookies, Halloween Cookies
Monster Eye Crinkle Cookies by XOXO Bella



Mummy Cookies

The adorable Halloween cookies are made to look like mummies by decorating chocolate cookies with buttercream frosting.  The kids can even help decorate these.  This recipe is from Crayons & Cravings.


chocolate mummy cookies with white frosting and eyes, Halloween cookies
Halloween Mummy Cookies by Crayons & Cravings


Here is another cute version of Mummy cookies that is made using shortbread dough infused with vanilla and cinnamon.  This recipe is from Cooked by Julie.


Halloween Mummy Cookies on a white plate
Halloween Mummy Cookies by Cooked by Julie



No-Bake Owl Cookies

These no-bake Halloween cookies are made using graham crackers, Oreos, and frosting.  Perfect for a quick snack at home or a treat for the whole class.  This cute idea is from Dancing Through The Rain.


No-Bake Halloween cookies shaped like owls on an orange background.
No-Bake Halloween Owl Cookies by Dancing Through The Rain



Spider Cookies

These Halloween spider cookies only use four ingredients and can be made in less than 30 minutes.  Recipe is from In The Kids Kitchen.


Halloween Spider cookies
Halloween Spider Cookies from In The Kids Kitchen



Spiderweb Cookies

These adorable spiderweb cookies are made using Oreos, colored candy wafers, and gel icing.  This cute recipe is from Food Fun & Faraway Places.


Halloween Spiderweb Oreo Cookies
Halloween Spiderweb Cookies by Food Fun & Faraway Places



Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

These cookies are both easy to make and can be made into fun Halloween shapes by using cookie cutters.  This recipe is from Saving Talents.


Halloween Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting
Halloween Sour Cream Sugar Cookies by Saving Talents



Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

These vegan cookies are also gluten free and are made with pumpkin and dairy free chocolate chips.  This healthier recipe was created by Strength & Sunshine.


Halloween pumpkin chocolate chip cookies on white plate, Halloween cookies
Halloween Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies by Strength & Sunshine


Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies

These cookies are made using shortbread dough, almonds for fingernails, and frosting to mimic blood.  These creepy Halloween cookies were created by The Suburban Soapbox.


Halloween Witch Finger Cookies in a white bowl with spider rings and a white skull with a mask
Witch Finger Shortbread Cookies by The Suburban Soapbox


Here is another version of the Witch Finger Halloween Cookie.  The dough is dusted with cocoa powder and almonds are used for the fingernails.  This version is from Muy Bueno.


Halloween Witch Finger Cookies in a glass jar
Halloween Witch Finger Cookies by Muy Bueno

Witch Hat Cookies

This adorable Halloween cookie recipe is from Crayons & Cravings.  They are made using chocolate cookies, Hershey kisses, and buttercream frosting.


Halloween Witch Hat cookies on a plate. Halloween cookies.
Halloween Witch Hat Cookies by Crayons & Cravings


Zombie Pumpkin Patch Cookie Pizza

This fun Halloween themed cookie pizza uses candy pumpkins, gummy worms, and Sour Patch zombies as decorations.  Kids of any age will love this!  This recipe is from The Moody Blonde.


Halloween cookie pizza with green frosting, candy pumpkins, gummy worms, and sour patch zombies.
Zombie Pumpkin Patch Cookie Pizza from The Moody Blonde


Other Halloween Treats

Candied Halloween Popcorn

This recipe is easy to make and tastes great!  Drizzle melted chocolate over the popcorn and mix in your favorite candy.  This recipe is from The Moody Blonde.


Halloween candied popcorn. Halloween treat.
Candied Halloween Popcorn from The Moody Blonde

If spooky and gross are more what you are looking for, here is another version of candied popcorn.  This is bloody popcorn with bones from Finding Zest.  The “blood” is made using Jello mix.


Halloween popcorn. Halloween snacks.
Bloody Popcorn with Bones from Finding Zest



Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The Halloween chocolate covered strawberries use only three ingredients and can be decorated using a toothpick and piping bag.  Make mummies, skulls, or any other Halloween themed monster.  This recipe is from Marley’s Menu.


Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Halloween treats. Halloween snacks.
Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Marley’s Menu



Donut Hole Eyeballs

These are so quick to make and perfect for that special Halloween breakfast for your kids.  Use food coloring and candy eyeballs to create this look.  This recipe is from Cooking With Janica.


Halloween Donut Hole Eyeballs
Donut Hole Eyeballs from Cooking With Janica



Easy Candy Apples

These candy apples are easy to make for a delicious and a little bit healthier treat.  Perfect for a Halloween party or to wrap and give to trick or treaters.  This easy candy apple recipe is from XOXO Bella.


Halloween Candy Apples
Easy Candy Apples by XOXO Bella


Here is another candy apple version that is made to both look and taste like candy corn!  This version was created by The Soccer Mom Blog.


Candy Corn Candy Apples.
Candy Apples from The Soccer Mom Blog

Easy Halloween Fruit Kabobs

The Halloween fruit kabobs offer a healthy, yet still fun, treat for kids.  They include banana ghosts, pumpkin shaped cantaloupe, and monster grapes with eyeballs.  This Halloween snack idea is from 3 Boys and a Dog.


halloween appetizer skewer ideas
Easy Halloween Fruit Kabobs from 3 Boys and a Dog



Easy Orange Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cup

If you are looking for a healthy Halloween treat, try these Jack-O-Lantern fruit cups.  Simply carve a face into the peel of an orange and place the fruit inside.  This recipe is from Eating On A Dime.


Orange Jack O Lantern. Halloween healthy treat.
Orange Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cup from Eating On A Dime


Ghost and Mummy Halloween Pretzels

These Halloween pretzels are super cute while being easy and quick to make.  Just dip in the melted chocolate and put on the eyes.  This recipe is from Curry Trail.


halloween pretzels
Halloween Pretzels from Curry Trail

Halloween Bark

The Halloween Bark with candy corn is so easy to make and only uses a few ingredients, including white chocolate, food coloring, sprinkles, and candy corn.  This recipe is from Fun Money Mom.


Halloween Bark. Halloween treat.
Halloween Bark With Candy Corn from Fun Money Mom


Here is another version of the Halloween bark that includes candy corn, monster eyes, and pieces of Oreo.  Recipe is from Honey & Lime.


Monster Halloween Candy Bark. Halloween treats. Halloween snacks.
Halloween Bark from Honey & Lime


And finally, a third version of Halloween bark.  This one includes a unique ingredient, quinoa!  Recipe is from Nourish Nutrition.


Halloween bark. Halloween snack.
Dark Chocolate Halloween Bark from Nourish Nutrition



Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board

Combine all your family’s favorite Halloween candies into this festive charcuterie board.  Easy to put together and something the whole family will enjoy.  This idea is from Hispana Global.


Halloween candy charcuterie board
Halloween Candy Charcuterie Board from Hispana Global



Halloween Dessert Waffles

This Halloween themed waffle has a pumpkin pie flavor and is topped with cute Halloween decorations.  This Halloween breakfast recipe is from Hey Mom!  What’s Cooking?


Halloween waffle. Halloween treat.
Halloween Waffle from Hey Mom! What’s Cooking?



Halloween Dirt Cups

This Halloween treat is made using pudding, cookies, and various candy for decoration.  Recipe from Desserts On A Dime.


Halloween dirt cups. Halloween treats.
Halloween Dirt Cups by Desserts On A Dime



Homemade Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights

This recipe is a copycat version of the Little Debbie Pumpkin Delight snack.  This version is a bit healthier and is gluten-free, vegan, and allergen free.  This Halloween recipe is from Strength & Sunshine.


homemade little debbie pumpkin delights cookies. Halloween snacks.
Homemade Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights from Strength & Sunshine



Halloween Popcorn Balls

The Halloween popcorn balls would make a cute addition to any party.  These are made using popcorn, marshmallows, and Halloween sprinkles, along with a few other fun ingredients.  This recipe was created by Boulder Locavore.


Halloween popcorn balls. Halloween treats.
Halloween Popcorn Balls from Boulder Locavore



Ice Cream Cups

Quiche My Grits created a great Halloween themed ice cream cup recipe.  These can also be made ahead of time for a Halloween party.  There are two different options including a mint chocolate chip monster or a vanilla Nutter Butter ghost.


Halloween ice cream. Halloween snacks.
Halloween Ice Cream Cups from Quiche My Grits



Marshmallow Witches

The marshmallow witches are made from marshmallows, Oreos, Hershey’s kisses, and a little shredded coconut.  This cute Halloween treat recipe is from Ottawa Mommy Club.


Halloween Marshmallow Witches. Halloween treats.
Marshmallow Witches from Ottawa Mommy Club



Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes

The cheesecake is made with a pumpkin flavor and topped with frosting in a pumpkin shape.  This adorable Halloween recipe is from Bubba Pie.


mini pumpkin cheesecake. Halloween treat
Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes from Bubba Pie


Mummy Cherry Hand Pies

The Halloween pies are made using pie dough sheets and cherry pie filling.  You can also use gluten free dough to make this more allergen friendly.  This recipe was created by Boulder Locavore.


Halloween mummy hand pies. Halloween treats.
Mummy Cherry Hand Pies from Boulder Locavore



Oreo Pops

These Halloween Oreo Pops are so cute and much easier to make than traditional cake pops.  Simply dip the Oreos in melted chocolate and decorate.  This idea is from Honey & Lime.


Halloween Oreo Pops. Halloween treats.
Halloween Oreo Pops from Honey & Lime



Pretzel Screaming Ghosts

These Halloween pretzels are easy to make and require only three ingredients.  These can last up to 7-10 days in an airtight container, so can be made ahead of time.  This recipe is from 3 Boys and a Dog.


ghost pretzel candy. Halloween snack.
Halloween Pretzel Screaming Ghosts from 3 Boys and a Dog



Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

If you are a fan of making your own ice cream, try out this Halloween inspired pumpkin spice ice cream recipe from In The Kitch.  You can make it more festive for Halloween by topping with toy spiders, Halloween sprinkles, or Halloween candy.


Halloween Ice Cream. Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream.
Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream from In The Kitch



Rice Krispie Treats

There are so many fun and creative things you can do to spice up the original rice krispie treat recipe.  Here are a few different versions of Halloween themed treats you can make.  The first one is a Frankenstein inspired one from Emily Fabulous.


frankenstein rice krispie treats. Halloween treats.
Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats from Emily Fabulous


This fun Halloween treat can be decorated in any color and style that you wish.  The whole family can make their own monster design.  Recipe from Curry Trail.


Monster Halloween Rice Krispie Treats. Halloween treats.
Monster Eye Halloween Rice Krispie Treats from Curry Trail


The Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats are made using food coloring, a Tootsie roll stem, and a fruit roll-up leaf.  This Halloween treat was created by Desserts On A Dime.


Halloween Treat. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treat.
Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treat by Desserts On A Dime


Here is another Halloween rice krispie treat version that is shaped like a candy corn.  Perfect for those who aren’t fans of actual candy corn!  This version is from Saving Dollars and Sense.


Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats
Halloween Rice Krispie Treats from Saving Dollars and Sense



Twinkie Chocolate Bats

This yummy Halloween treat is created by covering chocolate Twinkies in melted chocolate and then decorating to look like bats.  This was created by Oh My! Creative.


Halloween Twinkie Chocolate Bats | OHMY-CREATIVE.COM | Halloween Bat Desserts | Bat Treats | Halloween Pops | Halloween Food Ideas for Kids | Halloween Finger Foods | Halloween Themed Food | Easy Halloween Treats | Chocolate
Halloween Twinkie Chocolate Bats from Oh My! Creative

Witch Ice Cream Sundaes

This Halloween ice cream sundae recipe was created by Nibble and Dine.  She used Pizzelle cookies, chocolate and pistachio ice cream, chocolate chips, and assorted candies to create this adorable witch.


Halloween ice cream. Witch ice cream sundae.
Witch Ice Cream Sundae from Nibble and Dine



Savory Halloween Snacks

Cheese Monsters

Simply use a paring knife and some googly eyes to make these adorable cheese monsters.  This idea is from Danya Banya.


Cheese Monsters. Halloween savory snacks.
Cheese Monsters from Danya Banya


Creamy Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo

This one is really more of a meal than a snack or treat, but I just had to include this one because it’s so perfect for Halloween!  This recipe uses black rice pasta noodles and is topped with a pumpkin sauce.  The recipe is from The Forked Spoon.


A plate of pumpkin cauliflower alfredo. Halloween meals.
Creamy Pumpkin Cauliflower Alfredo.



Ghostly Halloween Guacamole

This guacamole recipe would be a perfect Halloween appetizer.  The ghosts are made from flatbread using Halloween cookie cutters.  This cute recipe is from In The Playroom.


Halloween guacamole recipe with crispy ghost tortillas
Ghostly Halloween Guacamole from In The Playroom



Halloween Stuffed Pumpkins

These savory Halloween Stuffed Pumpkins are filled with a wild rice stuffing and are a healthier Halloween treat.  This recipe is from Happy Kitchen.


Halloween pumpkins stuffed with wild rice.
Halloween Stuffed Pumpkins from Happy Kitchen



Hot Dog Mummies

The hot dog mummies are made using hot dogs and crescent roll dough.  Easy to make and fun to eat!  This recipe was created by The Soccer Mom Blog.


mummy hot dogs made with crescent rolls
Hot Dog Mummies from The Soccer Mom Blog



Jack O’ Lantern Butternut Squash Risotto Balls

These wonderful Jack O’ Lantern Risotto Balls are the best way of using up leftover risotto, and are fun to decorate with kids or your friends. They taste divine and are brightly colored like pumpkins.  This recipe is vegan and was created by The Vegan Larder.


Jack o' Lantern Butternut Squash Risotto Balls
Jack o’ Lantern Butternut Squash Risotto Balls from The Vegan Larder



Mozzarella Eyeballs

If creepy and gross are what you are aiming for, try this Halloween appetizer.  You can make these eyeballs as bloody looking as you want with the use of marinara sauce.  Green and black olives form the rest of the eyeball.  This recipe is from Salty Side Dish.


Halloween Appetizers
Mozzarella Eyeballs from Salty Side Dish


Mummy Meatballs

The Mummy Meatballs are created by In The Kids Kitchen.  Ingredients include meatballs, marinara sauce, crescent roll dough, and black olives.


Mummy meatballs. Halloween savory treats.
Mummy Meatballs from In The Kids Kitchen



Mummy Pizza

Make your lunch or dinner more fun and adorable with this Mummy Pizza.  String cheese is used for the mummy wrappings.  This idea is from Fun Money Mom.


Mummy Pizza. Halloween Pizza.
Mummy Pizza from Fun Money Mom



Pumpkin Spice Fall Chex Mix

The Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix is the perfect combination of salty and sweet.  The recipe combines Bugles, Chex cereal, pretzels, pecans, and candy to create this mix.  This recipe is from Aleka’s Get-Together.


Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix. Halloween Snacks.
Pumpkin Spice Fall Chex Mix from Aleka’s Get-Together



Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Biscuits

The monster biscuits would make the perfect addition to your Halloween breakfast meal.  They can be decorate with chocolate chips, fruit, walnut halves, or whatever else you have on hand.  This recipe is also vegan and is from Healthy Slow Cooking.


Vegan Halloween Treat: Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Biscuits
Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Biscuits from Healthy Slow Cooking



Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Fall would not be complete without roasting and eating some pumpkin seeds!  From Valerie’s Kitchen shares the perfect way to roast pumpkin seeds.


Roasted pumpkin seeds. Halloween savory snacks.
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds by From Valerie’s Kitchen


Spider Deviled Eggs

My Productive Backyard brings us a great Halloween deviled egg recipe made to look like a spider.  The body and legs are made from black olives and the eyes are made from capers.


Halloween Spider Deviled Eggs
Spider Deviled Eggs from My Productive Backyard

Zombie Bait Chex Mix

This delicious chex mix has both savory and sweet flavors.  It requires only four ingredients, including Rice Chex, candy melts, and candy worms.  The recipe is from Food Folks and Fun.


Zombie Bait Chex Mix. Halloween chex mix. Halloween snacks.
Zombie Bait Chex Mix from Food Folks and Fun


I hope this list of 80 Fun Halloween Treats and Snacks has been helpful for you in planning your Halloween party, a fun night at home, or just a special treat for the kids!  Which one of these are you planning on trying next?  Are there any other treats you have every year that wasn’t included on the list?

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