Rebecca D’s Story

Journey of faith and miracles. 

In July 2008, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and PCOS. I was 16! My whole world blew up, I didn’t understand why me, why now, why don’t I get to be a mom?

I met my husband in April 2011, I was honest with him up front about most likely never having children. He stayed with me anyways!

September 2011 we got married, then in October 2011 we got pregnant, but at 5 weeks had a miscarriage and they couldn’t explain why. We decided not to try or anything just have fun and be married.

In July 2013 we got pregnant again, we only found out because I was bleeding so bad we went to hospital and they let us know that we were having a miscarriage.

In Feb 2014, we moved to North Carolina and met with a fertility specialist who thought she could help but unfortunately none of the medicines or shots worked. We tried with her for 9 months before we decided to move back to Louisiana. We decided to become foster parents with hopes of adopting through foster care.

We adopted our daughter in April 2017, then in May 2018 we got 2 of our boys who were freed for adoption already. 2 months into our placement we found out they have a brother and we got him in August 2018.

We adopted 2 boys in February 2019 and our last boy April 2019. We decided to quit fostering as 4 children was enough.

I found out my endometriosis was getting worse and in June 2019 I went to obgyn to ask for a hysterectomy, it was becoming to much. My obgyn convinced me to take medicine to try to have a baby and if it didn’t work he would do the hysterectomy. I had my first endometriosis surgery May 2020 where I was officially diagnosed with stage 2 endometriosis. But the pain didn’t get better, it got worse and was causing more problems.

I had my 2nd endometriosis surgery in May 2021! I went off all medicine to have a baby and in October 2021, my husband and I decided to give it to God and told him if it was meant to be it would be. We started going to the gym, did a keto diet, started focusing on our marriage, religion, family etc. I got Covid in January and felt horrible, I wasn’t getting better.

Finally in February 2022 I started feeling better for about a week or 2, then around 3rd week I started feeling horrible again. My husband convinced me to take a pregnancy test, I was 19 days late and felt like I was getting the flu. So on his birthday February 22nd, I took a pregnancy test and flipped it upside down because I have seen so many negative test and I was scared. I took the test in my bathroom alone, I didn’t tell my husband at all I was taking it.

I waited the 4 minutes like it told me too. Turned it over and there was a plus sign, a plus sign. I had never gotten a plus sign I was always too early and blood work showed we were pregnant and miscarrying. I called my mother immediately, then I come running out of my bedroom to my husband in the living room and told him, “We’re pregnant, I did it.”

We started seeing a doctor immediately due to history of the 4 miscarriages. We have now made it to the final leg of our pregnancy and we are 35 weeks. Our baby boy is perfect, all his test come back perfect. We are unbelievably thankful for this opportunity to have our rainbow baby and our final piece to our big family! Our Nathaniel. 

Update: He was born healthy at 37 weeks and 3 days.

Rebecca is wearing a long black dress with the rainbow skirt.  The skirt flows out behind her.

Rebecca is wearing a long black dress with the rainbow skirt. She holds her pregnant belly.

Photos taken by KBT Photography.

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