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Kelcey’s Story

In May of 2020 we found out I was pregnant after about 5 months of trying. I felt so lucky to have gotten pregnant relatively quickly, especially with everything we had going on in our lives.

COVID was brand new and my mom had just recently been diagnosed with Brain Cancer. I was so excited to give her her first grandchild, especially with the future so uncertain.

At just 8 weeks my doctor did bloodwork due to a family history of blood clots. It was determined I was heterozygous for a clotting disorder and was immediately placed on lovenox injections (blood thinners) as a precaution for the duration of my pregnancy.

Everything was going great with my pregnancy so far.

Tragically in August of 2020 my father in law died very suddenly and shook our entire family as my mother in law has already passed years prior. This became a very difficult time for my husband but we were holding on to the ray of light that was our little growing girl.

The day after my father in laws funeral was our anatomy scan at 19 weeks. Everything went perfect and baby girl checked out right on track and healthy. It was exactly what we needed after such a rough few weeks.

At my very next routine prenatal appointment (23 weeks) I heard the words you never want to hear “There’s no heartbeat”. And thanks to covid restrictions at doctors appointments I was completely alone.

My husband and I chose to be induced and deliver our baby girl so we could meet her, hold her and memorize every little detail we could.

On October 1, 2020 at 2:26pm our daughter, Elaina Rose, was born with a still heart. A day I will never forget.

We opted for an autopsy and pathology report for the placenta to determine if this was something that could have been prevented. Unfortunately we never got any true answers and our daughters genetics came back 100% normal.

All I wanted was to be pregnant again, so after a few months and second opinions from various high risk OBs with a new plan we decided to try again and fell pregnant in February of 2021 with our rainbow baby girl.

Pregnancy after loss is so incredibly stressful and frightening. We pray every single day our rainbow baby girl will be in our arms alive and well come November.

We’re very grateful to be apart of this project! The rainbow skirt was an absolutely beautiful addition to our maternity photoshoot! I’m looking forward to passing it along to the next rainbow mama!






Photos taken by Sugarloaf Photography.

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