Kate’s Story

Our story begins with no pregnancy or infant loss no fertility issues anywhere in our family. We started trying for our family and immediately found ourselves pregnant.

The week we told our families we had our first ultrasound to discover we were loosing this little life and miscarried him/her a week later.

Shortly after we began trying again and became pregnant with our daughter, Briar, who we lost at 20 weeks.

Our hearts shifted towards adoption a much desired calling of my heart and we were matched within two weeks of being published on the website. With a successful baby shower and maternity photos taken (at our birth moms request) we felt this was a sure shot . Much to our surprise 24 hours after the baby girl was born the birth mom decided to parent.

Still with high hopes for another quick match after our failed infant adoption we received the news that our adoption agency had filed for bankruptcy we lost all our birth mother connections and every penny we invested into the adoption process and still with empty arms.

Much to our surprise we discovered we were pregnant with our daughter Lachlyn as we were grieving the failure of our adoption and the bankruptcy of the adoption agency. We had an incredible pregnancy and an amazing natural birth story for her.

With our goal of yet again growing our family we were presented with unknown secondary infertility. So we quickly pursued embryo adoption this go around instead of traditional adoption measures. We were introduced to embryo adoption because my sister had done it a year earlier and had a successful first time transfer of biological adopted embryos with twins.

In my mind I am a textbook surrogate and she was 13 years older and never had been pregnant before so I thought Embryo Adoption would have been a quick and sure shot way to have our next baby (babies).

I contacted The night light Christian ministries snowflakes department to discuss my options and was overwhelmed with butterflies and goosebumps as they discussed possible adoption options for me. We entered the program and two weeks later we were matched.

Unfortunately my story was not as easy as I expected. Both of my embryo transfers with these adopted, two beautiful three day embryos failed. And yet again we found our hearts crushed.

Shortly after our second failed transfer nightlight presented us with the option to have a second adoption. Yet again we were quickly matched and this time with 10 five day embryos. Our hopes skyrocketed and we started to debate what our life would look like if we exponentially were able to grow our family with this adoption. And even in the adoption we had to be OK with adopting such a large number of embryos.

Quickly our hearts were thrown back into the valley of despair. Each embryo transfer we transferred two beautiful five day embryos. We had two miscarriages including one on Christmas day. Then a failed transfer altogether. I began thinking maybe this wasn’t the right route for us. I underwent every test in the book, and everything was normal and healthy… So why did this keep happening?

On our sixth frozen embryo transfer procedure altogether, I went the “natural” route aka less meds and timed embryo placement based off ultrasounds, labs, etc. My fertility doctor suggested a keto diet. We finally achieved pregnancy and stayed pregnant!

We have named our baby Slade which means “through/in the valley”.

But now we are here! Finally about to welcome home our much fought for, Much desired, little snowflake rainbow Slade Abram Jones. We cannot wait to meet you.

Photos taken by Whitney Marshall Photo & Video.

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