Jessica E’s Story

My husband and I found out we were pregnant for the very first time 6 months after we got married. Just like any couple expecting their very first baby, we were blinded with excitement.

Our first two sonograms went perfect. Our third routine sonogram around 13 weeks our sweet baby was diagnosed with a hygroma on the back of his neck. We were told we could terminate or continue with the pregnancy and see how it plays out. My husband and I both knew termination was not an option for us as long as we knew the baby was not suffering and with confirmation from specialists that our baby was not suffering we continued on.

We found out we were having a little boy, Grayson Ryan Edwards. As time progressed he was thriving even with the hygroma. We were on close watch by our amazing doctors and were feeling hopeful.

Around 23 weeks pregnant I began experiencing extreme pain and ended up being admitted to the hospital for 10 days. The doctors were unable to determine at the time what was causing my pain. Eventually, they determined I was beginning to mirror what was happening to our Grayson.

My body was in so much pain because of the immense amount of amniotic fluid that was surrounding Grayson. My levels were 3x what they should have been at 23-24 weeks pregnant. Causing intense pressure on all my organs and continuing to worsen.

Throughout those 10 days Grayson seemed to be thriving. Strong heartbeat, moving like crazy, always posing in sonograms, lol! After performing an amniocentesis the doctors were able to get my symptoms under control so we were discharged and sent home to see our OBGYN specialists the following day to check on Grayson.

That day.. still haunts me. Thinking everything was great with Grayson, we went in for our sonogram. After the sonogram we went into a room like we have every time before. Next thing you know, they take us out of the room and bring us to the doctors main office and when we walked in we saw 4 additional doctors standing around. This is when we heard the words no parent imagines hearing… “your son has a 0% chance of survival, we are now focusing on you and your health.”

Confused and in shock, the doctor continued to tell us his hygroma has now turned into fetal hydrops (fluid throughout the baby’s body).

Heartbroken we went home knowing Grayson was not suffering, we decided to not interfere and allowed him to take the reins and do what he needed. He was where he needed to be and was warm and comfortable. (This was our belief with all the information we had).

July 30, 2022 at 28 weeks and 4 days our sweet baby boy, Grayson Ryan Edwards was born sleeping.

Just a month before his first birthday, we learned Grayson decided it was time to send us his baby brother. We are welcoming his brother, Hudson Gray in February 2024. 

Jessica wears a white dress and the rainbow skirt.  She stands in front of the water.

Jessica wears a white dress and the rainbow skirt.  She stands in front of the water.

Jessica wears a white dress and the rainbow skirt.  Her husband stands next to her.  They both hold a blue onesie.

Jessica wears a white dress and the rainbow skirt.  She stands on the rocks facing the water.

Photos taken by Jake Previte.

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