60 Best Christmas Desserts and Treats

Christmas is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to serve for dessert. This is a list of the 60 best Christmas desserts and treats. Whether you are looking for something traditional or something a little more inventive, we have got some inspiration for you!

The holiday desserts do not have to be just a plain pumpkin or apple pie. There are so many other flavors you can try like cranberry orange, gingerbread, and peppermint. You can also add some festive garnishes and toppings. So many great choices for a holiday party, night at home, and for kids as well. Get some ideas to make for a holiday bake sale, to give as gifts, or to make for a class party at school. Whatever the occasion, there is sure to be a great Christmas dessert recipe for you!

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Babka Bread

The Chocolate Babka is a sweet bread that is filled with chocolate filling and topped off with a sugar syrup. Living Smart & Healthy also provides a list of 16 different fillings you can use on the bread! Everything from Cinnamon Sugar and Pumpkin Spice to Garlic Butter and Pesto.

Christmas Chocolate babka
Chocolate Babka Bread by Living Smart & Healthy

Brown Butter Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats

Add a holiday twist to your traditional rice krispie recipe and add in browned butter and peppermint pieces. They both look and taste like Christmas. This recipe is from Plating Pixels.

A close up of Brown Butter Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats stacked on top of each other with candy canes crushed on top
Brown Butter Peppermint Rice Krispie Treats by
Plating Pixels

Candy Cane Whoopie Pies

The Christmas Whoopie Pie recipe uses a chocolate cookie that is filled with a peppermint flavored filling. The recipe was created by Delicious on a Dime.

Chocolate Christmas cookies with icing and crushed candy canes in middle.
Candy Cane Whoopie Pies by Delicious on a Dime

Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods

These Christmas pretzel rods are made using melted chocolate and caramel sauce. They are decorated with Christmas themed sprinkles and decorations. Recipe is from Cincy Shopper.

These Caramel and Chocolate Pretzel Rods will be perfect for gifting this holiday season. Simple to make, no need to buy gourmet
Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Rods by Cincy Shopper

Cherry Filled Crescent Snowflake

The Cherry Filled Crescent Snowflake makes a great dessert or even a delicious breakfast! Even better, it is so easy to make because it only has two ingredients! The recipe is from Stef’s Eats and Sweets.

Cherry Filled Crescent Snowflake
Cherry Filled Crescent Snowflake by Stef’s Eats and Sweets

Chocolate Cherry Coconut Cheesecake

This holiday cheesecake recipe was created by Delicious on a Dime. It combines a chocolate coconut peanut base, an almond filling, and is then topped with maraschino cherries.

Slice on Chocolate Cherry Coconut Christmas Cheesecake topped with a Cherry on White Plate.
Chocolate Cherry Coconut Cheesecake by
Delicious on a Dime

Chocolate Covered Christmas Pretzels

Honest & Truly has created an easy and delicious Christmas treat recipe. The pretzels are covered with chocolate and made to look like Christmas presents.

Plate of chocolate covered christmas pretzels
Chocolate Covered Christmas Pretzels by Honest & Truly

Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cupcakes

This Christmas cupcake recipe uses a chocolate cupcake and tops it with a peppermint flavored frosting and peppermint candy. The recipe was created by Ottawa Mommy Club.

Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cupcakes
Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Cupcakes by Ottawa Mommy Club

Chocolate Peppermint Truffles

The Christmas truffle recipe from Ottawa Mommy Club includes chocolate and peppermint as the main flavors. The recipe can even be doubled or tripled to make a larger batch for a party or for gifts.

Chocolate Peppermint Christmas Truffles Recipe
Chocolate Peppermint Truffles by Ottawa Mommy Club

Chocolate Pretzel Bites With Peanut Butter

Natural Deets has created a dairy-free Christmas pretzel recipe that is drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter. Top it off with some festive holiday sprinkles.

Christmas pretzel bites covered with chocolate, peanut butter, and sprinkles
Christmas Pretzel Bites by Natural Deets

Chocolate Rudolph Cake

In The Playroom has created an adorable Christmas cake recipe that has a printable antler template. This is a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Rudolph cake with a bauble for his red nose. Recipe and printable template
Chocolate Rudolph Cake by In The Playroom

Christmas Caramel Marshmallow Rice Krispies Balls

This Christmas dessert recipe involves dipping a large marshmallow in caramel sauce and then rolling it in the Christmas themed Rice Krispies cereal. This recipe is from Moore or Less Cooking.

Christmas Caramel Marshmallow Rice Krispies Balls
Christmas Caramel Marshmallow Rice Krispies Balls by
Moore or Less Cooking

Christmas Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are fun to create and perfect for your next holiday get together! This one uses a variety of crackers, cheese, meats, fruits, and veggies. This idea is from Love From the Oven.

Christmas Charcuterie Board
Christmas Charcuterie Board by Love From the Oven

Christmas Cheesecake

The Christmas Cheesecake is a vanilla cheesecake that is topped with clementines, pomegranates, and figs. Beautiful to look at and delicious to eat! The recipe is from Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

Christmas Cheesecake – easy!
Christmas Cheesecake by Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Christmas Crack

The Christmas Crack recipe starts with a layer of crackers and topped with a caramel sauce. This is then topped with chocolate and pieces of candy. The recipe is from Moore or Less Cooking.

Christmas crack recipe
Christmas Crack by Moore or Less Cooking

Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs

Hot chocolate is definitely a holiday season staple! These hot chocolate bombs are so fun to use and also make great gifts to friends and family! The inside is filled with hot cocoa and marshmallows. You could also add candy pieces. The Christmas hot chocolate recipe is from Trop Rockin.

Red and Gold Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs.
Christmas Hot Chocolate Bombs by Trop Rockin

Christmas Tree Brownies

This holiday treat recipe can be made using your favorite homemade brownie recipe or your favorite boxed brownie mix. The kids can even help decorate and create their very own tree! This recipe is from In The Playroom.

Christmas Tree Brownies by In The Playroom

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

These Christmas cupcakes are chocolate with a buttercream frosting. They are topped with a fun Christmas tree with sprinkles. The recipe is from The Forked Spoon.

Cake stand filled with four Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and topped with a chocolate christmas tree topper.
Christmas Tree Cupcakes by The Forked Spoon

Cinnamon Swirl Cupcakes With Brown Sugar Frosting

Alpine Ella has created a holiday cupcake recipe that uses a vanilla cake with a cinnamon swirl. They are topped with a cinnamon brown sugar frosting.

a cinnamon swirl Christmas cupcake with a bite taken out of it.
Cinnamon Swirl Cupcakes by Alpine Ella

Classic Tiramisu

This version of Tiramisu is made using whipped cream instead of the traditional raw egg yolk. The recipe is from The Petite Cook and requires only 7 ingredients.

Italian Classic tiramisu without eggs served on a plate with a fork.
Classic Tiramisu by The Petite Cook

Coconut Rum Balls

If you are looking for an easy to make Christmas dessert, look no further than these no-bake coconut rum balls! Simply combine all the ingredients and make into balls. This recipe is from Aubrey’s Kitchen.

coconut rum balls on a plate next with red linen.
Coconut Rum Balls by Aubrey’s Kitchen

Cranberry Orange Custard Pie

This unique Christmas dessert recipe combines custard, orange zest, and cranberries. It is sure to impress your holiday guests with it’s taste! This recipe was created by Barth Bakery.

Beautiful Cranberry Orange Custard Christmas Pie for the Holidays
Cranberry Orange Custard Pie by Barth Bakery

Cranberry Orange Pound Cake

This Christmas cake recipe can make 2 regular sized pound cakes or 12 mini loaves. The Cranberry Orange cake is topped with a delicious orange glaze to finish them off. This recipe was created by Barth Bakery.

Tender Cranberry Orange Christmas Pound Cakes
Cranberry Orange Christmas Pound Cake by Barth Bakery

Cran-Raspberry Yule Log

Here is another amazing Christmas cake recipe by Barth Bakery. This recipe contains a chocolate sponge cake filled with a cran-raspberry mascarpone cream. It is then topped with a chocolate ganache and whipped cream.

Cran-raspberry Christmas Yule Log with Cranberry-raspberry Mascarpone Cream
Cran-Raspberry Yule Log by Barth Bakery

Crockpot Candy

This Christmas candy recipe was created by Crayons & Cravings. It uses only four ingredients, including peanuts, chocolate chips, almond bark, and sprinkles.

Crockpot candy with peanuts and christmas sprinkles on white plate
Crockpot Candy by Crayons & Cravings

Easy Christmas Fudge

This recipe for Christmas fudge is dairy free and contains only three ingredients. Even better, it takes only ten minutes to make! The recipe is from Natural Deets.

top view of squares of Christmas fudge with white and light blue sprinkles
Easy Christmas Fudge by Natural Deets

Easy Condensed Milk Fudge

This fudge recipe is so easy to make and uses only 7 different ingredients. It is also vegetarian and gluten-free. It uses the flavors of gingerbread and white chocolate. The recipe is from Nourish Plate.

A close up shot of stacked Condensed Milk Christmas Fudge squares on a plate
Easy Condensed Milk Fudge by Nourish Plate

Easy Skillet Apple Crisp

This is a great dessert recipe for the holiday season! It uses two kinds of apples and can be easily topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. The recipe is from Homebody Eats.

caramel apple crisp in cast iron skillet
Easy Skillet Apple Crisp by Homebody Eats

Eggnog Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

The Eggnog Bread Pudding is made using a spiced egg custard and is topped with a rum sauce. It also includes cranberries. The recipe is from A Younique Journey.

Eggnog Christmas Bread Pudding
Eggnog Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce by A Younique Journey

Eggnog White Chocolate Covered Pretzels

This recipe for eggnog Christmas pretzels can be made in only 30 minutes and uses three ingredients. These would also be great to give as gifts! The recipe is by Tao of Spice.

Christmas Pretzels stacked upon a glass cake plate with gold holiday decorations.
Eggnog White Chocolate Covered Pretzels by
Tao of Spice

Gingerbread Cake with Caramel Icing

This Christmas cake recipe will impress even those who are not typically gingerbread fans. It has a milder flavor and isn’t overpowering. It is topped with a caramel icing. The recipe is from Thrifty Frugal Mom.

a slice of gingerbread cake with caramel frosting on a white plate
Gingerbread Cake with Caramel Icing by Thrifty Frugal Mom

Gingerbread Energy Balls

This holiday dessert recipe requires no baking and is made using dates, nuts, seeds, and spices. They are then coated in ground flax seed. The recipe is from Natalie’s Health.

Gingerbread Energy Balls
Gingerbread Energy Balls by Natalie’s Health

Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cupcakes

These gluten-free Christmas cupcakes are made using the spices of ground ginger, ground cinnamon, and nutmeg. They are topped with a cinnamon and vanilla icing. The recipe was created by Gluten Free Tranquility.

gluten free gingerbread Christmas cupcake topped with cinnamon buttercream and a gingerbread star
Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cupcakes by Gluten Free Tranquility

Gluten-Free Vegan Fruitcake

The traditional candied fruit and nuts are switched out for natural dried fruits, including cherries, raisins, and apricots. You can use any dried fruit that you like. The recipe also excludes the traditional nuts and alcohol to make it allergy friendly. This Christmas cake recipe is from Strength & Sunshine.

Gluten-Free Vegan Christmas Fruitcake
Gluten-Free Vegan Christmas Fruitcake by Strength & Sunshine

Grinch Rice Krispie Treats

The Grinch Rice Krispie Treats are a festive holiday treat! All you need is some green food coloring, heart shaped cookie cutters, and some red decorating gel. This recipe was created by How To Make Rice Krispie Treats.

Grinch Rice Krispie Treats
Grinch Rice Krispie Treats by How To Make Rice Krispie Treats

Holiday Fruitcake

It just would not be the holidays without having a little fruitcake! This Christmas fruitcake recipe, by Barth Bakery, uses dried fruit, citrus zest, and spices. It is then topped with apricot preserves, pecans, and candied cherries.

Moist Christmas Fruicake
Christmas Fruitcake by Barth Bakery

Holiday Peppermint Cake

This peppermint Christmas cake recipe uses white cake that has been infused with peppermint flavored syrup. This could also be made with a chocolate cake if you prefer. The outside is iced with a peppermint favored icing and topped with crushed peppermint candies. It is the ultimate peppermint cake! The recipe is from Love Bakes Good Cakes.

A piece of Christmas peppermint cake on a plate close up.
Holiday Peppermint Cake by
Love Bakes Good Cakes

Homemade Torrone Italian Nut Nougat

This Italian Christmas candy recipe was created by XOXO Bella. The torrone contains roasted nuts, like almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, or pecans.

homemade Italian torrone nut nougat for Christmas.
Homemade Torrone Italian Nut Nougat by XOXO Bella

Hot Chocolate Brownie Bites

This Christmas brownie recipe was created by The Cagle Diaries. Combine brownie mix with vanilla pudding and a few other ingredients. Top with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and peppermint candy.

close up of a hot chocolate Christmas brownie, with whipped cream on the top scattered with peppermint sticks
Hot Chocolate Christmas Brownie Bites by
The Cagle Diaries

Instant Pot Donuts

The instant pot donuts recipe uses chocolate box cake mix and tops it with melted chocolate and peppermint candy pieces. This recipe is from The Six Figure Dish.

Instant pot chocolate holiday donuts are made in the egg bite mold.
Instant Pot Donuts by The Six Figure Dish

Instant Pot Fudge

This easy Christmas fudge recipe uses only three ingredients and can be made in the Instant Pot in only 10 minutes! The recipe was created by Culinary Shades.

Christmas fudge pieces stacked on top of each other.
Instant Pot Fudge by Culinary Shades

Keto Spice Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

This Christmas keto cake recipe has only 4 net carbs per serving. It is made using the flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. The recipe is from Low Carb Africa.

Christmas keto cake
Keto Spice Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting by
Low Carb Africa

Maple Pecan Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is one of my favorite holiday treats! I love that you can make it with so many different variations. This version, from The Spice Train, adds maple syrup and is served with a maple cream sauce.

Christmas Bread pudding drizzled with maple cream sauce in a baking pan.
Maple Pecan Bread Pudding by The Spice Train

Mint Chocolate Bark

This version of Christmas chocolate bark uses chocolate chips and uses both regular and white chocolate chips. Peppermint extract gives the nice peppermint flavor. The recipe is from Delicious on a Dime.

Staked Chocolate Mint Christmas Candy.
Mint Chocolate Bark by Delicious on a Dime

Nutella Snowman Pop Tarts

This recipe uses store-bought pie crust and is filled with Nutella. Top it off with a melted marshmallow snowman. This adorable Christmas treat recipe is from The Six Figure Dish.

Nutella snowman pop tarts are perfect for the holidays.
Nutella Snowman Pop Tarts by The Six Figure Dish

Nutellotti Soft Nutella Cookies with Filling

This Italian Christmas cookie recipe is a chocolate and vanilla flavored cookie that is topped with Nutella. This recipe was created by xoxoBella.

Nutellotti Soft Nutella Christmas Cookies with Filling
Nutellotti Soft Nutella Cookies with Filling by xoxoBella

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

This holiday cheesecake recipe tops a brown sugar cheesecake with pecan pie ingredients, like pecans and caramel sauce. The crust is made from graham crackers, but has a few options you could use instead. The recipe is from Baking Beauty.

a slice of pecan pie Christmas cheesecake on a white plate.
Pecan Pie Cheesecake by Baking Beauty

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake

If you are looking for a festive Christmas cheesecake recipe, Barth Bakery has the perfect one for you! The cheesecake recipe has an Oreo crust along with a white chocolate peppermint flavored mousse. It is then topped with chocolate and peppermint pieces.

Peppermint Bark Christmas Cheesecake with Vanilla Whipped Cream and Chocolate Shavings
Peppermint Bark Christmas Cheesecake by Barth Bakery

Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow

Puppy chow is a classic holiday treat! This version contains peppermint to make it more festive for the holiday season. This is a great recipe for parties, as a snack, or to give away as gifts! The recipe is by Strength & Sunshine.

red bowl of peppermint bark Christmas puppy chow with extra chocolate chips
Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow by
Strength & Sunshine

Peppermint Candy Cane Dip

The Peppermint Dip is made using cream cheese, peppermint extract, and crushed peppermint candy, among a few other ingredients. You can serve it with cookies or graham crackers. The Christmas dip recipe is from We Dish It Up!

Peppermint Candy Cane Christmas Dip
Peppermint Candy Cane Dip by We Dish It Up!

Pomegranate Parfaits with Pistachios

This holiday dessert recipe layers honey vanilla mascarpone cream with pomegranate compote. It is topped with pistachios, pomegranate seeds, and rose petals. The recipe is from Happy Kitchen.

15-Minute Pomegranate Parfaits with Pistachios - Stars in the Background with Spoons Ready for the First Try
Pomegranate Parfaits with Pistachios by
Happy Kitchen

Pumpkin Gingerbread Toffee Crunch Trifle

Here is another unique Christmas dessert recipe from Barth Bakery. It has layers of gingerbread, pumpkin pie filling, and Dulce de Leche whipped cream.

Pumpkin Gingerbread Toffee Crunch Trifle with Gingersnaps
Pumpkin Gingerbread Toffee Crunch Trifle by Barth Bakery

Red Velvet Brownies

This Christmas brownie recipe combines the flavors of red velvet and white chocolate. The recipe is from Everyday Gifter.

Red Velvet Christmas Brownies
Red Velvet Christmas Brownies by Everyday Gifter

Reindeer Pudding Cups

The reindeer pudding cups are an easy to make snack perfect for your kids! It requires only a few ingredients and the kids can even decorate and make their own holiday treat! This recipe is from Two Kids and a Coupon.

Christmas reindeer pudding cups on a Christmas plate with a red bow.
Reindeer Pudding Cups by Two Kids and a Coupon

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cupcakes

These adorable Christmas cupcakes are made using nutter butters, pretzels, and chocolate. They are almost too cute to eat! This Christmas cupcake recipe was created by Mommy Made That.

Rudolph reindeer Christmas cupcakes
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Cupcakes by
Mommy Made That

Santa Hat Cheesecakes

In The Playroom has created a delicious mini Christmas dessert. The mini cheesecakes are topped with strawberry Santa hats. Kids and adults alike are sure to love them!

Santa Hat Cheesecakes by In The Playroom

Star Bread

This pull-apart Star Bread is filled with a cinnamon sugar filling. Living Smart & Healthy also provides 16 other filling variations including Nutella, Garlic Butter, Chai Spice, and Cheese and Herbs with Caramelized Onions.

Christmas Star Bread
Star Bread by Living Smart & Healthy

Typsy Laird, Authentic Scottish Trifle

The Typsy Laird is a Scottish holiday dessert that contains pound cake, raspberry jam, and cream along with sherry and Drambuie. Recipe is from Christina’s Cucina.

Typsy Laird Scottish Trifle
Typsy Laird by Christina’s Cucina

Vegan Peppermint Bark

The vegan peppermint Christmas bark is also gluten-free and allergy-free. It is simple to make and uses only four ingredients, including dark chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint candy, and peppermint extract. This Christmas treat recipe was created by Strength & Sunshine.

Homemade Vegan Peppermint Bark that's gluten-free and top-8 allergy-free too! All the festive sweet chocolate and mint flavor only takes 4 ingredients for this dairy-free recipe remake! 
Vegan Peppermint Bark by
Strength & Sunshine

White Chocolate Spiced Eggnog Bundt Cakes

This Christmas Bundt Cake recipe contains a white chocolate spiced eggnog flavored cake. It is topped with a brown sugar crumble and a white chocolate ganache. This Christmas dessert recipe was created by Barth Bakery.

White Chocolate Spiced Eggnog Bundt Cakes by Barth Bakery

I hope you have enjoyed this list of the 60 best Christmas desserts and treats. Which one are you most looking forward to trying?

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