Sunsets For Jasmine

Sunsets for Jasmine

Jasmine’s third heavenly birthday is fast approaching and will be here in just a little under two weeks.  March 11, 2018 was a day that changed my life forever.  It was the day I had to deliver my stillborn daughter.  It was the last time I was able to hold her and see her.  I will never forget the weight of her as she was placed into my arms.  We spent time at the hospital with her, but then we had to go home empty-handed.  Read more of Jasmine’s story.

Every year, I want to do something special in her honor.  She was such a fighter and I want to honor her memory and her legacy.  The first year after we lost her, I asked everyone to do an act of kindness in her honor.  I had many people participate with different kinds of acts.

This year, I am doing two things in her honor.  I am raising money for a Cuddle Cot.  This will go directly to the hospital where Jasmine was born.  The hospital and the staff were amazing.  They really took care of us during one of the darkest days in our lives.  Every staff member was so compassionate and helpful.  I truly will never forget their kindness.

The second thing I am doing is what I am calling Sunsets For Jasmine.

You can read more about both things below.


Cuddle Cot Fundraiser

What Is A Cuddle Cot?

A cuddle cot is a cooling system that is placed in specially adapted Shnuggle Moses basket at the hospital.  This keeps the baby cool, which helps preserve the appearance.  This system was specifically designed by Flexmort.


Cuddle Cot Photo From FlexMort Website


Why Use A Cuddle Cot?

Grieving parents want to spend as much time as possible with their baby.  This will be the only time they ever get to see and hold their child.  The Cuddle Cot gives them the gift of time.  It allows them to create some of the few memories they will have with their baby.  Time is one the most precious things you can give a loss parent.

Some hospitals are even allowing the parents to take the baby home with them for a period of time.  The Cuddle Cot is portable and can be taken home with the family.

After our loss, I knew I wanted to help others who had gone through, or were currently going through, the same thing.  This is something that helps give back to other loss families while also honoring my daughter.

The Cuddle Cot was even featured in New Amsterdam, in the video clip below.

YouTube video


The Donation Process

When the money is raised, the order is placed through Flexmort.  The Cuddle Cot will be sent directly to the hospital.  I have already spoken to the hospital and they have approved the donation.

Please consider donating or sharing the fundraiser, if possible.  Every dollar helps and will go towards helping other loss families.  If there is any excess money leftover, it will be donated directly to Pregnancy After Loss Support.  They are an amazing organization that helps women who have gone through pregnancy or infant loss.


Sunsets For Jasmine

I love the idea of seeing the beautiful sunsets in honor of my sweet Jasmine. I am asking everyone to take a picture of the sunset on March 11 and post it with the hashtag #sunsetsforJasmine.  I would love for you to tag us in the post on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media.

Why sunsets?  To me, sunsets are both beautiful and peaceful.  I like to think that they are Jasmine letting us know that she is okay and is happy.  I would truly love people around the world to participate and help me honor my daughter.


Sunsets For Jasmine



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Sunsets for Jasmine

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