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I lost my rainbow baby when I was only 7 weeks pregnant. I actually went all out with telling my husband that we where expecting what would of been our third baby. I even managed to keep it a secret for a whole week.

We were planning our anniversary trip to Duluth/Superior and we where going to a revolving restaurant and that’s when I told him. We both were over the moon as it was taking a little longer to get pregnant with this baby compared to our first two babies.

We were getting ready to go to his sister’s wedding reception when I had started bleeding. This was so scary and I knew something was wrong. My hubby didn’t want to leave but he had to go to his sister’s wedding. I unfortunately couldn’t get myself to go.

Next day we went to the hospital where they told us we were having a miscarriage and that I probably had passed the baby. However a few months later we where told we were pregnant again and started getting excited, however we were told that we were going to have to have a DNC because they told us that we had actually not passed the whole baby.

So on November 1st 2017 I had to go to the hospital super early and to have the surgery to remove the rest of the baby. The hardest thing I have gone through.

We continued to try after we lost the baby but had a hard time getting pregnant again, and had to go on fertility medication with two rounds of clomid we finally were expecting our rainbow baby and was due in November.

A few months after we found out we were expecting our rainbow baby, my hubby found out he was getting deployed for a year to the middle east. We had no idea if he would be able to come back home for the birth.

I had actually fell in October of 2018 when I was 36 weeks pregnant and thought baby was going to come early and had to stay over night in the hospital and apparently he wanted to wait for his daddy and stayed inside a little longer.

Couple weeks after that they noticed that he had stopped growing and they had decided to schedule an induction on November 1st.

My hubby finally found out he would be home for the birth, but that he would only be home for a few days and would have to go back over seas. He didn’t get home until our rainbow baby was six months old.

However we were so excited to have him come home after all of the things that were going on in our world.

Our sweet Caleb Phillip was born on November 1st 2018. A year to the date that we had lost our baby. It has been a world of emotions on our son’s birthday as it now has two different meanings.





Photos Taken By Kessenich’s Photography.

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