Rebecca B’s Story

After trying for 6 months, my husband Tim and I finally saw those two pink lines. We couldn’t believe it. And then after the miscarriage, we really couldn’t believe it… Miscarriage is so isolating and hard to explain, especially to those who have never experienced it. It wasn’t until I opened up that I realized just how many people I knew that had joined the 1 in 4 club and had walked our same journey in silence. 

Afterwards, we struggled to get pregnant again. We were eventually both diagnosed with infertility and told getting pregnant would be nearly impossible without treatment. Our first pregnancy was miraculous. After four failed rounds of IUI, we eventually moved onto IVF. It was physically and emotionally draining and from egg retrieval, we only had two surviving embryos. Both were lower grade, so our embryologist encouraged us to transfer both, thinking only one might survive. The transfer was successful and both embryos stuck around! We are now expecting our rainbow twins in April 2023. For this journey and for these babies, we are so thankful. 

I’m almost halfway through this pregnancy, and though I’m anxious about all the “what-ifs” and unknowns, especially all that comes with a multiple pregnancy, I’m trying to celebrate and cherish every possible second!

Rebecca wears a pink shirt and the rainbow skirt.  The skirt is spread out in front of her.

Rebecca wears a pink shirt and the rainbow skirt.  She smiles and holds her pregnant belly.

Rebecca wears a pink shirt and the rainbow skirt.  She closes her eyes and smiles.

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