Holly’s Story

Me and my husband Cameron conceived our son Cadence on our wedding night. Everything about him was so special from when he was conceived to his due date which lined up with my mom and daughter both having birthdays in the next two days respectively. 

Around 8 weeks I started spotting and over the course of the next 4 weeks I had been to the ER twice and my doctors office multiple times. The 3rd ER trip I was in labor and had him there. 

There was no warning as well were told at every single appointment he was fine and nothing was wrong. Even after, there was no reason given. We were sent home without answers and broken hearts. 

Every month for the next 11 months led to reliving the loss with every period. I started to lose hope we would get pregnant again. Then a miracle happened and we became pregnant again. 

This pregnancy has been really hard with two subchorionic hemorrhages, a shortened cervix, a heart shaped uterus and two NIPT tests leading us to “prepare” for the worst. Somehow a miracle happened. The SCH’s healed, my cervix lengthened with the help of progesterone from 6 weeks (still on), and NO MARKERS were found for any chromosomal defects. We were cleared by the high risk OB and our own for any of the previous issues the pregnancy started with. 

We are thanking God every day for this incredible blessing. Seeing her move in my belly is the best feeling in the world. Willa Jane is due on Valentine’s Day and we have a C-Section already scheduled for 2/7/22.

Photos taken by Holly Howard Photography.

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