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After getting married in 2018, I found myself pregnant. At my first appointment I heard the three words no parents wants to hear “ there’s no heartbeat”.

Three months of heartbreak, I became pregnant with my daughter Charlotte. At my 12 week appointment they found extra fluid behind her head and I was switched to a high risk clinic. We found out that the extra fluid was due to a heart defect but she would live a completely normal life after open heart surgery.  I battled with preeclampsia and was in and out of the hospital with high blood pressure.

I delivered my daughter, Charlotte, via c section on December 9, 2019 and she was quickly rushed up to the NICU due to difficulty breathing. A couple of hours later I was finally reunited with my daughter, where they placed her all on chest and I realized all the heartbreak we went through was worth it.

Charlotte’s health quickly went downhill during the first week of her life  and she passed away on my chest after a brief battle with NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis). She passed away on 12/16/2019.  My husband and I were in complete shock and didn’t think we were ever going to get pregnant again because of everything that happened.

April 2020, I found out I was pregnant again. We kept it a secret from our families until I was well into my second trimester.  I delivered my son Waylon on December 8,2020 the day before his big sisters birthday.  He is the love of our lives and is his sisters twin.


necrotizing enterocolitis


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