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August 11, 2022 will always hold a place in my heart. That is the day my sweet angel baby Evan arrived on Earth.

I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time. My partner and I found out Evan had passed away at our anatomy scan. We were told Evan suffered from hydrops fetalis & cystic hygroma.

The entire pregnancy everything checked out, no chromosomal issues were found on NIPT, and previous scans were clear. It came as a shock to my partner and I and even the doctors working with us.

The staff at the hospital was amazing during our delivery, as well as our family and friends once we got home and reality set in. I went through an array of emotions after loss from heartbreak to feeling hopeless to leaning on my faith for strength. Music and being outside watching the sunsets/sunrises became therapeutic. It made me feel closer to Evan viewing the beauty in the sky above.

A few months after losing Evan we found out we were expecting our rainbow baby girl. I am so blessed she is healthy and thriving. We have a supportive OB office that has accommodated us to have additional ultrasounds and more frequent visits during this pregnancy. I am currently 7 months pregnant.

I would like other loss moms to know that you are not alone. Your baby, no matter what gestation was a part of you and always will be in spirit. Evan was due on Christmas day. I have a beautiful ornament in memory of Evan for my Christmas tree. I have willow tree figures that I display in my home. I intend to honor Evan for the rest of my life and one day tell Evan’s sister all about her guardian angel. 

Rachel wears the rainbow skirt.  Two large trees are in the background.

Rachel wears the rainbow skirt.  Her husband stands next to her.

Rachel wears the rainbow skirt and a sash that reads "Mom to be",  She holds her pregnant belly,

Rachel wears the rainbow skirt.  The skirt is spread on the ground around her.

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