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In May of 2018 we were so excited to learn that we were pregnant with our first baby boy. We have both always been passionate about building a family and we were so excited to get started sooner than we thought!

About 15 weeks later the excitement started to fizzle out as our pregnancy started to hit some roller coasters. We were informed that our son had a hole in his liver and his growth had stunted with no explanation for either. The doctor asked me to return 4 weeks later to recheck his growth and liver to see if there was any improvement. Sadly, there was not and we had a new obstacle to face. I had somehow managed to lose all amniotic fluid and the doctor proceeded to tell us to prepare for our baby to die in utero. My regular OBGYN then proceeded to admit me and monitor me to see if any improvement came. Upon admittance, pre-eclampsia set in and the nightmares began. At this point I was 27 weeks along and was forced to be induced. Our son was born at 1lb 2oz after 2 days of excruciating labor. Due to his size and gestational age he was very under developed. He began to have difficulties breathing and passed despite all of the amazing NICU efforts to save him. This part of the journey was not only emotional but became dangerous for myself with many medical complications.

Fast forward a couple months, I had been released medically and we knew that no other child would ever replace the son we had so we agreed we would not try to prevent another pregnancy.

Spring of 2019 we decided we wanted to try a little more proactively. I quickly noticed something just felt off in my body. I went to my OBGYN, PCP, high risk doctor and the midwives asking for someone to do testing and see what was going on with my body and everyone dismissed me saying we needed to be trying for 2 years before they would do anything for me. They told me I was in perfect health and young and should just keep trying.

Throughout my grieving journey I was introduced to the March of Dimes organization and very quickly built bonds with lots of other women just like me. One of my new found friends told me about the fertility clinic they were using to try to conceive their rainbow baby as well so I reached out.

Come to find out, I was right.. there was lots off in my body. So we began our fertility journey June of 2019. We went through multiple rounds of ovulatory meds, hormone injections, surgeries and IUI procedures. We did 3 unsuccessful IUI rounds December 2019 through February 2020. We were scheduled to go for our fourth round this March 2020, however Covid-19 put a damper on that. I continued my meds and injections as instructed and when they reopened May 1st 2020 I was scheduling to go in for another surgery. Due to get the surgery I had to wait for my period to come. It did not come when it should have so the doctor put me on meds to induce my period. I took those meds for the allotted time and still nothing so they brought me in to do an ultrasound of my cervix.

In June 2020 I went in for the ultrasound to have a mind blowing discovery.. the meds weren’t working because I was now 5 weeks pregnant!

Fast forward to now December of 2020 and I am in my final trimester of a happy and healthy pregnancy with my rainbow baby boy! We can’t wait to welcome our sweet boy expected to debut early February 2021!


Pregnancy Loss


Pregnancy Loss


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