Paige G’s Story

My name is Paige, and I’m Gestational Carrier. I’m 26 and have 2 children of my own. I’ve always had a calling to help people in need. I have watched friends struggle with infertility for so long. I have seen so many other women struggle to conceive or grow their family. I knew that I was done with having my own babies, but I loved pregnancy and birth and something in me said “you’re still so young, you can still help others”. Thus, I started looking into surrogacy! 

As a gestational carrier, I am in no way biologically related to the baby I’m carrying. This little belly buddy is 100% genetically related to his mom and dad!

I decided to go through an agency where I matched with my Intended Parents! They have a 7 year old son that they were able to conceive naturally.

Unfortunately, they experienced secondary infertility, which I feel like not a lot of people know can happen. The first time can happen so easily but then when they try to have another baby, it can be the complete opposite. Secondary infertility effects 10% of couples.

My Intended Parents went down the road of fertility treatments, numerous IUIs, an egg retrieval and countless frozen embryo transfers which resulted in miscarriage. It was difficult and traumatizing for them, trying so hard to add another little baby to their family. After 4 years, they decided to go through with surrogacy to expand their family which is how we matched! 

This has been an amazing journey and has opened my eyes further into the struggles a lot of women go through. It took 2 embryo transfers for this little guy to stick and now, I can’t wait to return him to his parents! 

close up of pregnant belly with rainbow baby skirt

pregnant woman on beach with flowing rainbow baby skirt

pregnant woman on beach with flowing rainbow baby skirt

Photos taken by Emma Brown.

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