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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Fathers Who Have Lost A Child

Fathers who have lost a child may feel like they do not know what to do with themselves. They may be trying to cope with the pain of loss while staying strong for their partner. Many men believe that they cannot share their feelings, so often suffer in silence. And the focus after the loss of a child is largely on the mother.  I have created a list of gift ideas for fathers who have lost a child.

It is so important to validate the feelings of the fathers because they also lost a child and are just as affected by it. Father’s Day can be rough for them because they are thinking of the child that is no longer here with them.

This gift guide was created specifically for fathers who have lost a child. Hopefully, these gifts can help make coping easier and provide some comfort during this difficult holiday.

Make sure you speak with the bereaved father and ask how he would best like to be recognized on Father’s Day. While some will be grateful for the gifts, some may not want the attention. By asking, they will know that you were thinking of them on this difficult day.

If you would like to make him a special meal on Father’s Day, check out our list of 40 Delicious Father’s Day Recipes.

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Customized Star Map

The customized star map is the perfect gift idea because it is both sweet and unique.  The star map can be customized by any date.  Each star map is special as it will show the night sky as of the date and location you put in.  The bottom can be personalized with names and a personalized message.

Personalized Fathers Day Gift Custom Star Map by date Print, Dad Gift, Custom Gift for Dad, Father's Day Gifts from Daughter


Engraved Items

There are many items that you can have engraved with a special name, date, or other important information.  Get him a reminder he can always keep on him. Some of the items are more subtle, in case he does not want to have to get caught in unexpected conversations about his loss.  Some of the items are more for showing off in case he is the type that does want to talk about the loss and his child.  Even items that he already owns could be engraved, including a ring, a watch, or any other sentimental piece of jewelry.

This dogtag necklace allows for a customized photo along with engraving on the back.  You can add a photo of the child along with the child’s name and any other information that is important to Dad.

Personalized Master Custom Photo Text Dog Tags Pendant Customized Picture Necklace Valentine's Day Birthday Gift for Men Women

This keychain is another option.  The front comes pre-printed with the below message.  The back could always be engraved later with the child’s name.

FrereFeter Sympathy Gift Keychain for Women Men Loss of Wife Husband Girlfriend Boyfriend Bereavement Rememberance Gift for Loss of Mother Father Grandparents Best Friend Condolence Memorial Gifts

Plumhouse Gallery on Etsy offers pocket knives with customized engraving.

Engraved Pocketknife from PlumHouseGallery


This set comes with two keychains that form a heart when placed together.  One is for the mother of the angel and the other for the father.  This is a gift you can share together.

2PC Infant Loss Memorial Gifts keychain Mommy Daddy of an Angel keyring Pregnancy Miscarriage Keepsake Sympathy Gifts for Parents Family Friends Loss of Baby Child Jewelry Remembrance Gift for Him Her

Memorial Picture Frame

These memorial picture frames are perfect for placing his favorite photo or ultrasound picture of his child.  The frames can easily be placed in his favorite spot at home or on his desk at work.  Here are a few different options to pick from.

IHEIPYE Remembrance Memorial Picture Frame - Sympathy Gifts Idea for Loss of Loved One, Grandmother, Grandfather, Grandparents, Desktop, Black

Memorial Picture Frame for Lost Loved One - In Memory of Loved One Gifts - Bereavement Gifts for Loss of Father, Mother, Grandparents - Memorial Frames for Loved One - 8”x10” Frame, Holds 4"x6" Photo

Elegant Signs Memorial Picture Frame - Keepsake Plaque That Holds a 4x6 Photo - Sympathy Gift to Tribute The Loss of a Loved One

Morse Code Bracelet

This bracelet can be customized with a unique message that will then be placed in Morse Code.  The meaning of the bracelet will be special to him, as not many will know what it means and he can keep the message close to his heart.  This is best for the Dad who would prefer a more subtle reminder.

Custom Morse Code Bracelet for Men Leather Bracelet Anniversary Gift for Him Personalized Memorial Gift for Loss of Father Brother Dad Birthday Gift Jewelry Boyfriend Graduation Gift for Son

 Personalized Artwork

There is something so special about a special piece of artwork created just for him that includes his missing child.  Many people offer this service with a variety of different options.  One of the most popular is Kierra Butcher.  She offers both religious and non-religious options, along with other memorial gifts on her website.

Here is another option available from Etsy with a father and angel baby.  This was designed by CheleLynnArt.

gift ideas for fathers who have lost a child
Father and Angel Baby Drawing by CheleLynnArt

This unique piece from LoveFromHeidiLouise uses the child’s actual handprint or footprint.  It can be personalized with the child’s name, hand or foot print, and photograph.

Angel Handprint Artwork. gift ideas for fathers who have lost a child
Angel Baby Artwork by LoveFromHeidiLouise

Self-Care Kit

After such a significant loss, it is so easy to slack in the self-care department.  You are feeling sad and do not want to think about having to cook a meal or do anything, really.  A great gift would be a self-care kit that contains all the things he loves.  You can really put anything you want in here, like snacks, blankets, and other self care items, depending on his preferences.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

Exclusivo Mezcla Waffle Textured Slate Blue Fleece Blanket

Hyperice Hypersphere Go – Vibrating Massage Ball for Muscle Recovery

Beard Kit for Men Grooming

The Man Can All Natural Bath and Body Gift Set for Men

West End Foods Chocolate Candy Bundle

CLIF BAR – Energy Bars – Variety Pack

Frito Lay Variety Pack

Nabisco Team Favorites Variety Pack

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky


Wallet Card

This engraved wallet card is something he will see every time he opens his wallet.  There are several different variations of wallet cards you can buy, including some that are religious and some that are non-religious.  This can serve as a daily reminder of his sweet child.

SEIRAA Remembrance Gift Miscarriage Memorial Jewelry In Memory of Daughter Wallet Card Loss Of Children Gift For Mommy Daddy (STARS are little holes)

Whether he wants a gift that allows him to show off his child or a gift that is a more subtle tribute, hopefully there is something on this list for him.  This is a tough time in his life, so the best thing to do is be there for him.  He may not want to talk right away, but the important thing is that he knows you are there to listen when he is ready.  Hopefully this list of gift ideas for fathers who have lost a child will help you find a gift that can provide a little bit of comfort to him during a rough holiday.

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