Emily’s Story

My name is Emily and I am Rh- My husbands name is Bryan and he is Rh+ We got married on November 15th 2019. I am 22 he is 25, We have been together since 2013. We were just kids.

We started trying to conceive after one year of marriage. Our first pregnancy was in 2020, we were ecstatic! I surprised him with the news. We were over the moon. Shortly after we were left heart broken. I started to bleed, we were told we lost the baby. Our world was shattered. I knew I wasn’t alone and decided to reach out.

I started a trying to conceive group chat, through Facebook messenger, it is 3 years strong. I found so many amazing women who have lifted me up. Through all the hardest parts of our journey it has helped to have so many women who know how I feel.

After our initial heart break we kept trying. It took a whole year. We found out we were pregnant with our rainbow baby in 2021. It was a girl!! I went on to have the worst morning sickness. I was bed ridden for 7 months. Only getting up here and there. It was difficult to even just live. I lost so much weight, and was at risk.

I Had her two months early. My water broke at 33 weeks, at 34 weeks I had her via emergency caesarean. She did three long weeks in the N.I.C.U. She is home now, happy, healthy and 9 months old.  

We decided shortly after having her we wanted kids close together. We started trying right away. It happened fast.  Thankfully we were pregnant!  We were so excited…  unfortunately it ended as fast as it started.  It was a chemical pregnancy. Even though it was early we were so let down. We already had so much love for our future baby, it just wasn’t meant to be.

We continued trying and it happened fast again. We were so over joyed, yet terrified of losses. It went bad fast, I started bleeding even though my levels were good. We scheduled a viability scan. Our worst nightmare, an ectopic. I was notified I had to terminate or it could burst my internals. I have a daughter, and so much love to give her. I had to choose what was best for me and my family. I received a methotrexate shot. it worked, and I did not need my left tube removed. The surgery would have lessened my chances to conceive even more.  

Despite the adversity and grief My losses have made me who I am today.  I have 3 blessed angels watching over us and their earth side sister. She is our rainbow, our hope, our legacy. I Pray all my angels could be here with us today. I know they are up there watching, picking out our next rainbow.

Two losses after our daughter and we are still trying. I pray everyday it happens soon. I believe courage is to be able to share your story, Just like we share this rainbow skirt.

Update: I got pregnant with our second rainbow and had Violett in March of 2023.

Emily wears a purple lace top and sits on the rainbow skirt.  She is smiling.

Emily wears a purple lace top and sits on the rainbow skirt.  She has red hair.

Emily wears a purple lace top and sits on the rainbow skirt.  She has red hair.

Emily's rainbow baby daughter.

Emily's newborn rainbow daughter.

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