Brittany K’s Story

Brittany and Adam were married in December 2016 and wanted to enjoy life together before starting the rest of their family.

Five years passed and during this time, it was evident that Brittany had some heavy hormone imbalances. She worked with a functional doctor and a lot of progress was made.

They felt it was time to start their family and shortly after they were pregnant with their first baby. The pregnancy started off strong but not much time passed before it became clear that something wasn’t right. A few anxious weeks moved by, full of trying different doses of medication and testing to see if the pregnancy and baby was able to stay viable and supported.

On Christmas Eve 2020, they were notified that Brittany had officially miscarried their first little one, who they named Mercy.

In the following months, it became clear that there was some kind of undiagnosed issue preventing Brittany from being able to sustain a pregnancy and after more testing she was diagnosed with PCOS. Her doctor changed courses and after a couple of medicated cycles, they found out they were pregnant with their rainbow baby. Isla Annalynn was born March 2022 and is the joy of their lives.

Brittany is now a birth doula, focusing on supporting mamas through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and offering additional support to pregnancy after loss (PAL) mamas. They are hopeful that her PCOS will continue to stay maintained and that they will be able to enjoy more little ones in their future.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

Brittany stands on rocks with trees in the background.  She wears the rainbow skirt and holds it out to both sides.

Brittany wears the rainbow skirt.  She holds her daughter up in the air.

Brittany holds her daughter while wearing the rainbow skirt.

Brittany sits on the ground with her husband.  Their daughter sits in between them.

Brittany wears the rainbow skirt and stands next to her husband.  He is holding their daughter.

Photos taken by Winchell Photo Co.

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