Belinda’s Story

For my whole life I have had irregular periods. This made it nearly impossible to get pregnant.

Finally at the age of 24 I met my husband. We were pregnant within 2 months of dating. We then got married a month later. October 2011 I was blessed at 37w 4d with my son Max! I was in complete bliss.

Then I got pregnant within 6 weeks after giving birth (not sure the exact date) but my husband was set to deploy a few months into my pregnancy. We had just moved to a new state with a newborn so I was freaking out. Needless to say I packed all of our home into a moving truck and made the 19 hour trip back home and said goodbye to my husband as he would soon be leaving for a 1 year deployment to Iraq.

Thank goodness I made this move because for 1 I had help from my family raising a newborn and second because at 33w 5 days went into labor. I was in labor for 45hrs. My husband watched the birth from Skype.

My son Ashton was born 4lbs 15oz. He spent 3 excruciating weeks in the NICU.  Once my husband returned 6mo later I know I wanted to start trying for another. 3 years in… yes we were pregnant!

Then 2 weeks later. The devastation. I went into the bathroom and the sweet baby dropped into my hands. The aches and pains both mentally and physically were almost too much. But I had to keep going.

But I got pregnant again and May 2017 I was blessed with my beautiful daughter Hadley. I was super content. I nursed her until 18mo. I was so proud. A stress free newborn experience. I told my husband I wanted just one more.

I got pregnant Feb 2020. On my way to spend the weekend in the mountains in Asheville NC I felt this feeling. I just started crying. I just called my mom and cried wondering why this was happening again. I arrived and was so thankful to have my best friend. We bar hopped and while all the other girls drank some amazing drinks I stuck to kombuchas the whole time just in case there was a chance. By the time I got home the bleeding hadn’t lightened and I knew it was over. The test also confirmed my fear.

After that my periods were out of control and no matter what I did it seemed impossible to try conceive again. September 2021 I walked into the OBGYN and he did an ultrasound. Told me if I wanted to get pregnant to go home and try for the next 3 days. I was shocked. It worked.

But at week 5 I started bleeding. Absolutely terrified I drove to the ER. Nothing could be seen on ultrasound yet but my levels were so high. Gave me faith. The bleeding didn’t end up resolving until week 15. Then my OB sent me to MFM who was saying this baby had Hydrops and had an 11.5cm clot in there with him. So much stress. Not to mention the doc telling me I could deliver as early as 28 weeks.

I ended up with 2 appointments with ultrasounds twice a week until delivering at 37 weeks! Oh and just to throw another loop at my induction at 8cm the cord drops through first and the heart rate dropped to zero. No turning or fluid would bring it back up. We rushed into a C Section and I finally got my handsome miracle.

Mr Hudson Grey. 4lbs 5oz. We spent 18 days in the NICU before finally going home. I am so glad that part of my journey in life is over and so thankful for all of my babies. God has a plan and understood what I could handle.

Photos taken Kates Takes Photo and Maiden Musgrove Photography.

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