Sara B’s Story

Sara and her husband welcomed a healthy son without any complications in 2018.

In 2021, they decided to have their second child.

In May 2021 they were thrilled with a positive pregnancy test that sadly ended in a miscarriage.

Again in 2021, September came and so did a successful cycle and positive pregnancy test. Weeks into the pregnancy with several blood draws confirming a rise in HCG later led to a blood draw that confirmed another miscarriage.

The second loss completely threw the couple into a downward spiral of sadness. They struggled to decide if they were capable of trying again with the potential of another loss.

After some testing that all came back normal and with the support from our provider and therapist, we tried again in January of 2022.

We are now 6 weeks away from meeting our double rainbow.

Sara can confirm that pregnancy after loss comes with a lot of fear and uncertainty. It’s holding your breath until every milestone is met. It’s praying continuously for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy just hoping to meet them earth side.

Although so very hard, this family is grateful for their faith and not giving up hope to welcome another baby into their family.

Update: this family welcomed their sweet girl a couple weeks early and are thrilled to have her here healthy and their family complete. 

Sara wears a lace dress with the rainbow skirt that flows out behind her.

Sara wears a lace dress with the rainbow skirt that flows out behind her.  She is holding her pregnant belly.

Sara wears a lace dress with the rainbow skirt.  Her husband stands next to her and their son is in front holding their hands.

Photos taken by Emily with Laced in Grace Photography.

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