Maddy’s Story

Maddy always dreamed of having four living children. 

Maddy was lucky to carry two children, a girl and then a boy, to term without issue. That’s when things began to change. 

Through the use of fertility medication, she conceived and miscarried at around eight weeks. Then she conceived again, this time twins, but lost one twin early on. She carried her double rainbow baby to term, her second son. 

Knowing that her fertility and loss journey had become more complicated, she and her husband decided to begin trying for their last baby early on. Her fertility journey involved various oral and injectable medications, acupuncture, reflexology, testing and several months of covid closures. In late summer 2020, she finally conceived- twins again. Unfortunately, both didn’t make it and she miscarried at home at around 12 weeks.

This was followed by a chemical pregnancy loss, a blighted ovum pregnancy loss, and another missed miscarriage in January 2022 that required a D&C. 

While preparing for IVF in May 2022, Maddy was given an absolute gift and conceived again. This time under the support of a new fertility doctor and an autoimmune protocol. She is now 34 weeks pregnant and, despite being high-risk, has hopes that this little one will complete their family.

Maddy wears a black top with the rainbow skirt.  She stands on a path lined with grass on either side.

Maddy wears a black top with the rainbow skirt.  She holds her pregnant belly.

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