Jemma’s Story

Jemma and Mark’s story 

When we found out we were pregnant again we were completely shocked but after the passing of my mother in February 2021 we felt it was a gift from her to help heal our hearts. We were so excited as this was our 3rd child we have two beautiful boys already Lewis and Rory. We found out we were having another boy and we were over the moon, 3 boys we couldn’t believe it blessed with another beautiful boy we couldn’t wait to meet him, we had everything for him we had even picked his name. I found this pregnancy was easy but then I’ve never had any problems which I know many women do.  So we were patiently waiting for him to arrive with 3 weeks left to go.

Then on 15/06/22  we went to the hospital for reduced movements to be told the dreaded news no parent ever wants to hear your baby has no heart beat. We were in complete shock it was very hard to process as we only had 3 weeks left we couldn’t understand what happened and still don’t to be honest.

We have no reason or explanation as to why this happened we where told its just one those things. Which made me so angry how could it be just one those things? We have lost our precious baby boy there must be a reason!

Then our sweet boy was born sleeping on 17/06/22 at 17.56 and he was just perfect in every way he looked just like his big brothers he was so beautiful. We got to spend the night with him and it was the most magical time of our lives we cherished every single moment with him as we knew we would have to say goodbye soon. We brought our precious boy home for the weekend where we spent every moment mourning for him. I was happy I finally had all my babies under one roof but I knew he couldn’t stay and although I wish this could be forever I knew it had to come to an end and the reality of this shattered my heart into a million pieces. We have so many keepsakes in memory of our sweet boy and although they do help a little nothing compares to our precious boy Noah. 

We are currently pregnant with our rainbow baby, we found out recently its a beautiful baby girl and we are so excited, nervous and scared too but we work on this daily and keep reminding ourselves that this is not the same pregnancy and not the same journey. 

We honour and remember our sweet boy Noah Albert every single moment, although our hearts ache for him every single day. This journey has shown us how to truly love our children in all of their magical essence and to savour every precious moment with them. To be grateful for even the smallest of things like the birds singing on a morning, the rise of the sun each day, the sound of ocean.  If you have suffered child loss I want you to know that within this indescribable pain we find our deepest wisdom and gifts and although some days it will be easier to deal with just know that everything is a moment and nothing lasts forever. 

Love Jemma and Mark

The rainbow skirt is draped across Jemma's pregnant belly.  She holds a floral crown against her belly.

Jemma wears the rainbow skirt.  She lays on top of it on the ground with it spread out around her.

Jemma wears the rainbow skirt.  She holds her hands in a heart over her pregnant belly.

Jeams wears the rainbow skirt.  She lays on the ground on top of it.

Jemma wears the rainbow skirt and a floral band on her head.  The skirt flows out behind her.

Jemma wears the rainbow skirt.  She holds her pregnant belly as the sun is behind her.

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