Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Subscription Boxes

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  We may not know exactly what this year will hold, but that does not mean we have to stop celebrating.

Finding that perfect gift can be a challenge.  Do you go with flowers?  Chocolate?  Something unique and different?

Valentine’s Day does not have to be all about flowers, chocolate, and jewelry.  These traditional gifts are still nice gifts, but they cannot always be personalized to each person.

Enter the subscription box.  There are subscription boxes available for almost every type of person imaginable.  Show you really care by giving a thoughtful gift suited specifically for your favorite person’s interests.

Here, I have broken down the best subscription boxes by category.  There are suggestions for women, couples, and children.  Try one of these for unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas.

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For Her

Here are some great suggestions for the women in your life.  Get these for your wife/girlfriend/partner.  These Valentine’s Day gift ideas are also perfect for your mom/aunt/friend/sister or any other person who could use a unique gift.

Hope Box

We know that moms do not spend enough time on self-care.  They are always busy taking care of others.  Give her the gift of the Hope Box.  This contains 10+ items each month, along with an inspiring message of hope.  Bonus, the items are all vegan and cruelty-free!  There is a specific theme for each season as well.

HopeBox – Care for Your Body, Heart, & Soul


Sparkle, Hustle, Grow

So many women are branching out to start their own business.  This box is perfect for them!  This comes with a business focused book, access to expert business trainings, and 4-6 items each month.  Show that you support her in her endeavors!  Past box themes have included “Take Back Your Time” and “Boss Up Your Life”.

Sparkle Hustle Grow


Oh Baby Box

For the pregnant or post-partum mom.  This includes 6-8 items tailored to your due date.  Items can include wellness, skincare, fashion, or other lifestyle products.  All products are safe to use during and after pregnancy.

Oh Baby Boxes


Once Upon a Book Club

This box is the perfect Valentine’s day gift for the reader in your life.  Each month includes a new book, plus 3-5 wrapped items.  Discussion questions are also included, in case she wants to turn this into a book club with her friends.

Once Upon a Book Club


Something New Bridal Box

Already engaged?  Or maybe you are planning on popping the question for Valentine’s Day?  This box is perfect for the new bride-to-be.  It includes 4-7 items each month.  It can be customized for both Mr. & Mrs. weddings and Mrs. & Mrs. weddings.

Something New Bridal Box


For Couples

Here are some perfect gift ideas for couples.  Restrictions will likely still be in place for some, making it hard to go out to celebrate.  Even if you are able to go out, it can be expensive to go to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day.  Avoid the busy restaurants and have a date night at home with these fun subscription boxes.

Crated With Love

This subscription box comes with a date night themed box that focuses on creating laughter and strengthening your relationship.  There is a new theme each month with 4-5 activities included.  Past box themes have included “Quest for the Forbidden Opal” and “The Awkward Years”.  Perfect for a fun night at home for Valentine’s Day.

Crated with Love


Escape the Crate

My family and I did an escape room a couple of years ago and it was so fun!  Use this box to have your own mini escape room in your home.  You must have internet so you can check if you got the answers correct.  The box contains riddles and puzzles that you must work together to solve.  Past themes have included “Escape the Mardi Gras Murders” and “Escape from Alcatraz”.

Escape the Crate


50 States of Mine

Travelling was off the table for most of 2020.  While we may not be able to travel in the next few months, we can still foster our love of travelling.  For people who love to travel, check out the 50 States of Mine box.  Each month represents a different state and includes 6-10 items.  Past boxes have included Louisiana, Michigan, and New York.  Combine your love of travel with a fun date night activity.

50 States Of Mine


For Kids

Growing up, my mom would always get a Valentine’s Day gift for my brother and I.  It would be something like chocolate, balloons, or other small items.  So have, I have continued the tradition with my kids.  These gifts provide opportunities to learn while also having fun.  They can also be done as a family.  Here are some fun ideas for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids.

The Preschool Box

Perfect for kids aged 3-6.  This includes 16+ activities in each box.  The activities are both fun and educational.  A parent teaching guide is included as well.  Nothing beats combining both learning and fun.

The Preschool Box


We Craft Box

Perfect for children aged 3-9 who love doing arts and crafts.  Each box includes a themed story with 4 coordinated crafts.  The supplies can even be shared among 2 children.  Past themes include “Apple Orchard Adventures” and “The Pumpkin Patch Cat”.

We Craft Box


Up and Away Adventures

This is a fun Valentine’s Gift idea for kids that you can enjoy as a family.  Each box focuses on a specific country.  It includes recipes for food, arts & crafts, and educational information about each country.  Have fun as a family, while also learning about other cultures.  Past box themes have been Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.

Up & Away Adventures


These subscription boxes may not be what you think of as traditional Valentine’s Day gift ideas, but they are sure to delight the people in your life.  Go for something unexpected this year!  Or give the gift along with your traditional gift of flowers and chocolate.

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  3. Subscription boxes have become so popular over the last few years. This is a really neat way to use them! I would have honestly never considered getting them as gifts for people!

  4. I’m amazed to find that there are this many subscription options out there! Escape the Crate looks like a great one.

  5. I love subscription boxes and I haven’t heard of any of these. This is a gift that we always ask for from grandparents because it is fun to get mail. I will look into these ones more.

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    Subscription boxes are becoming popular now. I think it’s a great business especially for during this pandemic.

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    I love the book club box! What a fun idea! My sister-in-law likes to read a lot so I’m going to keep this box in mind for her.

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