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2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for mom, grandma, or other special person in your life can be difficult.  Everyone has differing tastes and while some people are easy to shop for, others clearly are not.  Do you go with something sentimental and from the heart or something funny to make her laugh?  I have created the 2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you find the perfect gift.  While some of these are intended specifically for moms, many can be used for any special person in your life.

I also wanted to take a moment to add that mothers come in all different forms.  Mothers can include traditional moms, grandmothers, stepmoms, adoptive moms, foster moms, other family members that act as mothers, and many other different types.  Women who have lost babies and have no living children are still mothers.  Please be kind and remember this.  Let them know you are thinking of them on Mother’s Day.

If you would rather make a homemade gift, check out Ultimate List of Mother’s Day Craft Ideas.


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Gift Ideas For The Entertainer

Bake Eat Love Box

Each of the Bake Eat Love boxes comes with a recipe, pre-measured ingredients, and a new kitchen tool.  She can enjoy baking a new item and also enjoy eating it!  Past boxes have included treats such as Lemon Lavender Tea Cookies, Salted Caramel Custard Cakes, and Cherry Pie Cupcakes.


Bake Eat Love (BEL Box)



The SpiceBreeze box includes freshly ground spices and a recipe card.  Simply add the listed everyday ingredients to create an amazing recipe.  Past boxes have included Korean Bibimbap and Tacos with Middle Eastern Roots.  She will get to choose the recipes from the seasonal menu before the box ships.





Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Box

Each Shaker & Spoon box comes with 3 different cocktail recipes and all the ingredients to make 4 drinks for each recipe.  You will have to provide the liquor separately, but this comes with all the syrups, bitters, garnishes, and other necessary items.  Each box will be focused on a particular liquor, so all the drinks would be made using the same type of liquor.  Past box themes have included Brandy, She’s So Fine, Rye Not Canada, and Negroni.



Shaker & Spoon

Other Bakers, Me Mug

This gift is perfect for the person who loves to bake and also has a sense of humor!



Sushi and Maki Kit

This sushi making kit contains all the tools needed to make Futo Maki, Uramaki, and Sushi.  This can even be done as a family, since there are enough tools for four people to make the sushi at once.  It is easy to use with the attached guide book and recipe e-book.




Cheese Board and Knife Set

The set contains everything needed to create the perfect charcuterie board complete with cheese, fruit, and crackers.  The hidden drawer at the bottom contains four slicing, spreading, and serving tools.





Gift Ideas For the Gardener

The Plant Club

The Plant Club is a fun subscription that brings a new houseplant variety each month.  The box comes with the plant and everything you need to display the plant, including a variety of fun containers.  Past boxes have included varieties of houseplants such as the Eden Rosso, Staghorn, and Philodendron.


The Plant Club



Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly provides a subscription that sends a new succulent plant, along with the container, growing mix, and everything else you need.  Past boxes have included succulents such as the Echeveria and the Gasteria.  These are also a great start for people who are wanting to get into gardening, but may not be the best at keeping other types of plants alive.


Succulents Monthly


9 Herb Window Garden

This fun herb kit comes with everything needed to plant and grow nine different herbs from scratch.  The herbs include Dill, Basil, Chives, Thyme, Parsley, Oregano, Cilantro, Sage, and Mustard.  The kit has 34 pieces and makes it easy to grow these right from her kitchen window.



Cocktail Garden Kit

This unique gift is perfect for the person who loves to garden and make delicious cocktails.  The kit contains everything needed to create fun plants they can then use to make their own fun cocktails.  Plants include cucamelon, blue borage, lime basil, hyssop, mint, and lemon balm.  It also includes 18 original cocktail recipes.


Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Kit

The Organic Mushroom Kit allows mushrooms to be grown indoors year round.  All it requires is a bit of water twice a day and a window with indirect sunlight.  Each box can grow up to two crops of mushrooms, which is 3-4 servings each.



Scuddles Garden Tools Set

The 8 piece gardening set comes with the tools needed to keep their garden clean and beautiful.  The tools are made to be anti rust and durable.  Tools include a gardening shovel, mini rake, trowel, cultivator, hand weeder, spade, gloves, and a tote bag.



Gift Ideas for Self-Care


Therabox is created by therapists to help reduce stress and increase happiness.  Each box includes one happiness activity along with 6-8 self care items.  The items can range from aromatherapy and bath and body products to other lifestyle items.  Past box themes have been Flourish, Amour, and Renew.


TheraBox – Self Care Subscription Box


Passion & Growth

Each Passion & Growth box contains 4-5 self care products that are all from women-owned businesses.  These items could include personal development books, lifestyle products, and other self care items.  The boxes also contain a monthly action plan to help her start to prioritize herself.  Past box themes have included Fall in Love with Yourself and Relax & Unwind.


Passion & Growth


A Year of Self-Care Book

A Year of Self-Care contains 366 different daily prompts that help her learn how to practice better self-care.  These are all quick daily things that can be done that do not take a lot of time.  There is another book called A Year of Positive Thinking that provides easy daily ways to help frame her everyday thoughts into more positive ones.  Something we could all stand to work on!





Dermal Collagen Face Mask Set

This collagen face mask set comes with 16 different varieties that help keep skin clear and hydrated.  Some of the masks include bamboo, apricot, milk, olive, and rose.




Kimkoo Jade Roller

This is a three piece set made out of real jade that is free of all chemicals and irritants.  This can be used to eliminate muscle tension, smooth fine lines, or give her that healthy glow.  The three pieces included are the jade roller, ridged roller, and facial massager tool.



How To Love Yourself Cards

This self-care card set comes with 64 different affirmations that help her learn that self-care is not selfish and that she should prioritize herself.  After all, she does so much for others!




Funny Gift Ideas

Maybe Swearing Will Help Coloring Book

This hilarious set comes with a funny coloring book and a set of 30 fine tip markers.  Give her something that will make her laugh, while also relieve stress and entertain.



Page A Day Calendar

Does she hate being told what to do?  Then this is the gift for her!  This daily calendar gives advice on how to be your best self and not care what others think.



Mommin’ Ain’t Easy Wine Glass

Motherhood is a tough job.  Give her something to help her relax at the end of the day while also enjoying a laugh.

World’s Okayest Mom Shirt

Get her this funny Okayest Mom Shirt as a funny gift on Mother’s Day.  Hey, we can’t all be best moms all the time, right?

Funny Coffee Mug

Can women have enough coffee mugs?  Probably, but this one is still cute anyways!  Moms always have the best advice, so they probably would do well to take their own advice sometimes!

How May I Offend You Today?

This book is a funny collection of rants and humorous writing about everyday topics.  Some of the topics include public displays of affection, t-shirts with indecent images, and even politics.  She writes everything you want to say, but sometimes can’t.

Gift Ideas For the Crafter

Poppy’s Hobbies

Each box is based on either the current season or the next upcoming holiday.  All supplies are included except for a hot glue gun and scissors.  Past crafts have included a Welcome Door Hanger, an April showers theme, and a honeycomb theme.


Poppy’s Hobbies



Adults & Crafts Box

Each of these boxes contains the supplies needed to create a new project and learn a technique.  Past crafts and skills have included engraving, wood burning, clock making, and candle making.


The Adults & Crafts Crate


Knit Wise Box

Each Knit Wise box contains one new knitting project and all the materials needed to make the project.  There are even boxes specifically for beginning knitters who are just starting out.  Some of the past intermediate/advanced boxes have included projects like fingerless mittens, bandana style scarf, and scrunchies.





IndieStitch Box

Each IndieStitch box comes with everything needed to make a new piece of clothing each month.  The kit includes a PDF download, the printed pattern pieces, fabric, and all notions.  The patterns are size inclusive and include enough fabric to make any size from XXS-3X.  She will be able to pick the fabric ahead of time each month.  Past boxes have included projects like a cardigan, zippered skirt, and summer shorts.




Craft Storage

Ok, maybe this looks like a “boring” gift, but the avid crafter will love having more space to keep their crafting items!  The storage compartments are clear, so it is easy to see what is inside and find what she is looking for.  You can never have too much storage space!

Paint Brush Set

For the aspiring painter, try this 15 piece paint brush kit that comes with a holder and travel bag.  These brushes work for a variety of paint, including acrylic, oil, watercolor, and more.

Gift Ideas For The Reader

Once Upon a Book Club Box

Each book club box contains a book, 3-5 wrapped gifts, a quote print, and discussion questions.  Past box themes have included Love and Music, From the Pages of History, and The Snowbound Mystery.


Once Upon a Book Club



Peace & Pages Box

The Peace & Pages subscription has multiple subscription levels.  The basic box comes with just the book.  There is also a subscription that comes with the book plus 2 items or the book plus 4 items.  The products are purchased from small businesses around the U.S.  Past box themes have included Let It Bee, Sweet Summer, and Peace & Love.


Peace & Pages



Neck Reading Light

Many people do have Kindles or other E-Readers these days.  But there is still something about holding the actual book in your hands.  For those who still love reading traditional books, this hands free light is a perfect gift.  She will be able to read in bed and then easily turn the light out.


Just One More Chapter Throw Pillow Cover

This throw pillow cover is perfect for their reading nook or favorite reading spot.  It comes in a gift box with a blank greeting card, making it ready to give.


Library Due Date Mug

The library due date mug has an image of a vintage library card.  The mug is 11 ounces and safe for both the dishwasher and microwave.  Plus, it brings back a little nostalgia from the days of library card due date stamps!


Reading Journal

The reading journal has pages and checklists of award winning books and recommended reading for a variety of genres.  There are pages to include the books they have read, along with the books they want to read next.


Gift Ideas For The Traveler

50 States of Mine

Each 50 States of Mine box is themed for a particular U.S. state.  The box contains 5-8 items specifically from the featured state.  Past states have included Michigan, Louisiana, Washington, and New York.


50 States Of Mine



Life’s a Wave Beach Box

Life’s a Wave Beach box is a great choice for the beach or ocean lover in your life.  Each box contains fun beach and mermaid inspired items.  Even better is that the box includes many items sold by small businesses.  Past box themes have included Quarantine Beach, Pineapple Beach, and Summer Fun Beach.


Life’s a Wave BEACH box



Travel Planner Journal

This travel planner journal allows for thoroughly planning her next trip.  There are pages that can be used to write down budget info, journal the experience, or place photos.

Passport Holder Cover

These beautiful passport holder covers will keep her passport protected, while also dressing it up.  There are several different design options to choose from, including some with travel themed quotes.

Hanging Toiletry Bag

This useful bag comes in 5 different colors and contains 4 separate compartments.   It can easily be hung up in the hotel room to free up counter space and keep everything well organized.


Carrying Case

This handy carrying case is perfect for holding battery packs, cords, chargers, and cell phone.  The case is shockproof and available in 8 different colors.  Help ensure they never lose or have to dig for a missing cord again.

Gift Ideas For New And Pregnant Moms

Oh Baby Box

Each Oh Baby Box comes with 6-8 products that are safe for use during pregnancy.  This can include wellness, skincare, fashion, or other items.  Past boxes have included belly oil, bella bands, and preggie pops.


Oh Baby Boxes


New Mommy Box

Each New Mommy Box has 4 products for new moms to try with their baby, including a new onesie.  Past boxes have included Honest, Hello Bello, and Bamboobies products.


Birth with a Voice


First Time Mom’s Pregnancy Journal

This sweet journal is perfect for the first time mom in your life.  There are different activities, an appointment tracker, and guided prompts to help her remember her pregnancy.


Love At First Sight Sonogram Frame

No matter which pregnancy she is going through, it is always fun to display those adorable ultrasound photos.  This frame will help her display her favorite ultrasound picture.



Personalized Necklace

This gift is great for pregnant moms, new moms, and seasoned moms.  Who doesn’t love having their child’s name they can wear close to their heart?  This necklace can be personalized with the child’s name and birthstone.



First Mother’s Day Mug

Help her celebrate her first Mother’s Day with this sweet and sentimental mug.  This gift is perfect for new moms and pregnant women as well.

Gift Ideas For Fitness Enthusiasts


Each WODBOM box contains 5-7 fitness related products.  This can include training gear, recovery aids, apparel, snacks, energy boosters, and more.





Clean.Fit Box

Each box has 9+ healthy snacks that contain no artificial ingredients.  The boxes also come with a new workout each month.  There is also a gluten free box available and a Super Snacker box with double the number of snacks.




Fun Water Bottle

These adorable water bottles are both fun and functional.  Give them a great reason to want to drink their water throughout the day.





Fitness Journal

This fitness tracker allows for recording over two month’s worth of your fitness data.  There is space for tracking calories, goals, weight, body fat, and different aspects of their workouts.



The HIIT Game

A fun game that can be played at home either alone or with friends.  The workouts typically last from 4-20 minutes with a progression of difficulty.  No additional equipment is required.


Acupressure Mat

Help her soothe muscle tension and pains with this acupressure mat and pillow.  The acupressure points should help with energy and muscle aches.

I hope you have found a great gift idea for the mom or other special people in your life.  Which gift idea is your favorite?  I would love to hear in the comments below!

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