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Fun Easter Basket Essentials For Kids

I am going to be honest here.  I am not one of those moms who plans in advance to make or buy the perfect Easter gift.  I am usually that last minute shopper, trying to find something my kids would like at Target.  Or even better, something that can be here in two days with that Amazon Prime shipping!  I put off paying for Amazon Prime for a long time because it did not seem worth the expense.  Let me tell you, that was the best purchase I made!  I buy everything on there.  But I digress.

Easter is just a couple of weeks away and I know there are some of you that are like me and have not gotten the Easter basket ready yet.  For all of us, I have put together a list of fun Easter basket essentials for kids that they will both love and that will be super easy for you to shop for.

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Easter Basket

Picking the right basket is the first step!  There are so many different options available.  Here are some adorable, but still functional, options.  This basket is adorable with a picture of a bunny on the side.  This is great for both young and older kids.




I love the classic style of this Easter basket and the fact that it can hold a lot of items!




Who doesn’t love a basket with adorable bunny ears?  This one is Easter themed, without having a giant picture of a rabbit on the side.




I love this option below, which is available in two different colors.  The rabbit is just adorable!




This set of metal buckets comes with 6 different pieces.  These are smaller, so won’t fit as many items.







I have to include Peeps, even though I think I am one of the few that actually likes these!  They seem to be a candy you either love or hate.  I love them, but my husband hates them.  Even if you don’t eat them, they still are adorable to help decorate the Easter basket!



If your kids are not fans of the traditional flavor, here are some other flavor variations.




Chocolate Bunnies

I think most people have had one of these chocolate bunnies at some point in their life.  I mean, who does not love a big piece of chocolate shaped like a bunny?  My kids are all about the chocolate!



If your kids are not a fan of the traditional milk chocolate, there are other flavors available too!




Other Candy

You can always stick with the tried and true candy, including this mix of Twix, M&Ms, Starburst, and more.  These are the classics that most kids love.



Here are some other mixed candy options.  There is everything from chocolate candy to gummy candy to sour candy.





Easter Eggs

Traditional Eggs

If you want to keep it traditional, here is the perfect collection of plastic Easter eggs.  It even includes special gold eggs that you can use for extra special treats.  These can be filled with candy or small toys for either an Easter basket or an Easter egg hunt.



Play-Doh Eggs

This is a fun Easter egg option because each egg includes Play-Doh for your child to play with.  Play-Doh is always a favorite in our household.


Mini Figure Eggs

Each of these eggs comes with the pieces to create a mini figure.  Some of the figures include a crocodile, pineapple, star, and a helicopter.



Slime Eggs

These fun Easter eggs come pre-filled with slime and a dinosaur figure.  The slime even glows in the dark.



Musical Eggs

There is even a musical egg option!  The eggs are filled with sand, so your kids can enjoy making music when they shake them.



Chalk Eggs

These are sidewalk chalk shaped eggs that your child can play with even after the Easter festivities are over.  This comes with 12 easter egg shapes, 3 bunny shapes, and 3 chick shapes.



Squishy Toy Egg

Each egg comes with a fun squishy toy, including either a unicorn or a chick.


Easter Activities

Easter Activity Books

This fun Easter themed activity book also comes with the Lego bricks to build three different figures.  Your kids can then use the characters to do the mazes and other activities in the book.



This book contains over 100 different activities.  The activities include mazes, connect the dot, word search, sudoku, and more.



Here are some other ideas for Easter themed activity books your children will love.






Mad Libs are always a fun activity, for kids and adults alike.  The Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs are great for kids who love to be silly and have fun.



Easter Egg Spoon Game

This fun Easter Egg Spoon game can be enjoyed by the whole family.  See who can balance the egg and make it to the finish line!



Rainbow Scratch Art

These fun rainbow scratch art projects are shaped like eggs, bunnies, and chicks.  You could even use these as tags on your Easter baskets or other gifts.




Easter Potato Sack Race

This set comes with 6 different pairs of bunny ears and potato sacks.  Have a potato sack race with the whole family, while also getting some physical activity.


Easter Bingo

These Easter bingo cards are another fun family activity.  These are perfect for kids of all ages.  The set comes with 28 different bingo cards.


Easter Stickers

This Easter themed sticker book has over 400 stickers.  Images include flowers, bunnies, eggs, and other Easter themed items.



Easter Books

How to Catch the Easter Bunny

This adorable book is part of a series of 12 “How to Catch” books.  This one in particular focuses on creating STEAM inspired traps to catch the Easter bunny.  Your children could even use this as inspiration to build a trap of their own!  This book is meant for kids who are aged between 4-10 years or in grades 1-6.




It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny

It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny great for ages 3-7 or children in grades Preschool-2nd grade.  The book is about a bunny who does not want to be a bunny anymore.  He then sees what his life would be like living with various kinds of animals.




God Gave Us Easter

God Gave Us Easter is the perfect choice if you are looking for a religious centered book.  This discusses what Easter season really means.  The book is great for ages 3-7 or grades Preschool-2nd.




The Great Eggscape

The Great Eggscape is about eggs escaping out of their carton and having fun in a store.  One of the eggs is reluctant to participate, but does so anyways.  The story teaches about helping friends in need.  The book is best for ages 4-8, or Preschool-3rd grade.



Mr. and Mrs. Bunny

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny is a book about two bunny detectives that must help a girl find her parents.  The parents were kidnapped by some foxes.  This book is best for ages 8-12 or grades 3-7.


Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure

Pete the Cat is a favorite in our household.  The books are always so colorful and fun, while also teaching your child an important lesson.  This book teaches about helping others.  The book is for ages 4-8 or Preschool-3rd grade.


Here Comes T. Rex Cottontail

This book is about a T. Rex who has to fill in for the Easter Bunny, but keeps accidentally breaking the eggs.  This books is for ages 4-8 or Preschool-3rd grade.




Ages 3 and Under

Dimple Sensory Toy

The dimple sensory toys come with three different shapes, including a dinosaur, bear, and bunny.  The bubbles make a popping sound when they are pushed.



Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter

Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter is a fun touch and feel book that young children will love.




Infantino Lil’Nibble Carrots Teether

The Infantino Lil’Nibble Carrots Teether has different textures to help soothe your teething baby.  The handles make it easier for your baby to hold.  Bonus points for being easy to clean.



TOMY Hide & Squeak Eggs

Here is a version of Easter eggs that is perfect for younger kids.  Nothing they can break!  The shells can be opened to reveal the chicks inside.  The toys also squeak.  This toy helps toddlers develop sorting, color, and shape skills.



Aitbay Wooden Carrots Toy

This fun wooden toy has carrots of 7 different sizes for your child to match.  This helps your child learn hand-eye coordination.



Other Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter Grass

I always liked having the Easter grass in my basket when I was growing up.  Mainly because it was so colorful and fun to play with.  I love this Easter grass because it is made from shredded paper, instead of plastic, and is recyclable.




Crayons are something we are always running out of in our house.  This set comes with 152 crayons, a sharpener, and a portable caddy.  A nice solution for all those loose crayons that are always laying around the house!

Hot Wheels Cars

My brother and I always loved playing with cars while we were growing up.  My kids both love them too!  I think these are a fun gift for boys and girls to enjoy.



Plush Bunny

This adorable plush Easter bunny comes in 3 different colors for the insides of the ears and the feet.  These colors include blue, pink, and purple.  It can be customized to say either “Happy Easter” or “My 1st Bunny”.




I hope you have found this Fun Easter Basket Essentials guide helpful.  What is your favorite thing from the guide?  What other things are you adding to your child’s Easter basket this year?  I would love to hear in the comments!

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  1. These are great ideas for what to put in baskets. Our kids are thrown if they don’t get their big chocolate bunny and Peeps, even though I can’t stand them! And even though they are older, they still enjoy egg hunts 😊

  2. Courtney at Knock on Motherhood

    All of these are such great ideas! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be using some of these for my daughter’s easter basket this year.

  3. Kat @The Hobbit Hold

    The Easter basket was my favorite part of Easter, especially the chocolate bunnies. Pete the Cat sounds so much fun, we’ll be giving it a read this Easter.

  4. findingyourglitter

    Love all the ideas! I Am a new mama (5 month old) so I will be using most of these next year and the years to come! Love it all! Great post!

  5. Karen | Online Blog & Business Help

    Fun Easter ideas! The Easter baskets are super cute! And It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny is one of my daughter’s favorite books. Highly recommend!

  6. Denise Gardiner

    I love Easter and you have so many cute options to make wonderful Easter baskets and put joy in the day! Thank you for sharing.

  7. This is very helpful. I love the classic style basket too. Will definitely take a lot from here for my little nephews.

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